How to: Model Cheekbones with contour 😍 #makeup #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial

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  1. ♡SARAH♡
    ♡SARAH♡ says:

    We didn't learn this in modeling school but that was 20 years ago.
    We Were taught that less is more. And that if you can tell they're wearing makeup they're doing it wrong.
    We were taught individually how to contour our own faces, but we didn't use that much of anything.
    I noticed where I live if you start doing meth, you'll be able to look like this in no time.

  2. Phoniexprincess
    Phoniexprincess says:

    You know it’s Yolanda Hadids fault she told Bella to get a nose job at 14 and I bet she forced Bella to get a buccel fat removal that’s what started the trend and everyone’s jumping on Bella because they think she started it but no one should attack her blame Yolanda. Also the trend is super bad some people are not eating food to succeed the trend again, DO NOT BLAME Bella Hadid!

  3. Poornima V
    Poornima V says:

    These sort of looks would “look” good in runways with certain type of cloths! In reality its really scary and not suitable for every face! I have a colleague who did this fat removal surgery and she looks super weird honestly! For thise who have natural shape they would slay it but this is not suitable for everyone

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