Stupid luxury shopping mistakes..that I made

First luxury video back whoop whoop!!!!


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  1. Zhoe Janayshia
    Zhoe Janayshia says:

    _ What a great collection! I just can’t stop drooling over the shiny gold hardware lol I love it how you always disclose the price and where you got it! It definitely gives me hope to hunt for more treasures the channel #xbagy 🙂 keep up the good work_

  2. Djdbsms Rjsbsk
    Djdbsms Rjsbsk says:

    I often buy some 1:1 mirror bags at the channel_#xbagy _This store is the only one that can pay directly with paypal. This kind of shopping is more safe and reliable. Handbag quality is also more guaranteed

  3. J Fox
    J Fox says:

    The background is irrelevant as I focus on what you’re saying and showing. We all know what bags you have anyway 😂. If you’re ever planning to sell the denim colour Dior please let me know, I’m in the UK ❤

  4. babablacksheepdog
    babablacksheepdog says:

    Luxury/sports cars are something I will never ever get. For me, a car is just something that takes you from point A to point B, and as long as it does that safely, in a timely manner and in relative comfort, I'm just as happy with a Volkswagen as I would be with a Ferrari.The only time a car has caught my eye was when it was an antique, because I always think they look cute and I like old-fashioned stuff.

  5. honeyyeyes
    honeyyeyes says:

    excited to watch your next video. been a long time viewer of yours. personally, i think the purses in the background help new viewers find you easier and your channel definitely deserves more viewership. you're a joy to watch. i don't suggest changing the shelves between videos since that seems like quite a bit of work. maybe put a couple of bag in front of the paper if they fit on the shelves? that might be a quick fix

  6. corikay
    corikay says:

    Well this was fun!!! I always appreciate when others admit something just doesn’t work for them!!! And I have a lot!!!😮 Beginning to talk myself off the FOMO ledge before I make the “stupid” purchase!🥰💖 Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Jeri Kedzierski
    Jeri Kedzierski says:

    Emma, I think the most inspirational part of people is their journey forward. You are growing a new business and it is exciting seeing your passion and realities of being a new business owner. Right now the gold edged paper is a perfect self representation ( in my mind). It is a real glimpse into what makes you tick, just like Henry and the chicken coop. Your enthusiasm is enough for me- pick whatever background suits you!

  8. Svati Singh
    Svati Singh says:

    I find your current background with the shiny rose gold stationery pieces very inspiring. It shows progress, that you're moving up to better things :)) 💕⭐ It can evolve over time – some handbags, some finished Vantage boxes, tech gear that you use for your business, what's new, what you're into right now :)) Luxury + Tesco mugs – that is me too. I really loved this background and would gladly see it a few times again :))

  9. Madlen Young
    Madlen Young says:

    Hi Emma, just an idea, instead of selling the H belt, what if you kept the leather and sold the buckle only; and then get a different buckle from Hermes, one that's less … in your face luxury?

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