IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home REVIEW | South African YouTuber

Hi guys! Today I’m doing a review and sharing my experience of using the at home IPL laser hair removal device from My Smooth Skin. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below!

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00:00 – Introduction
01:47 – Packaging of Device
2:31 – What is IPL?
3:37 – How to use the Device
8:25 – My results
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28 replies
  1. Mariska van Zyl
    Mariska van Zyl says:

    Hi love, I'm getting myself one soon but wanted to know if your still using yours? I see the video was posted a while back so I'm interested to know if your still using it and what the results look like. Thank x

  2. Dulce Adita
    Dulce Adita says:

    Was looking for a more melanated individual to give their experience and routine and I am totally glad I found your video! Thank you. I was stumped as to how many times i should go over a treatment area. You helped me tons. Thanks again.

  3. Saumya Arora
    Saumya Arora says:

    Is this safe for ingrown hair?
    Plz reply as clinical treatment is very expensive and I am just a student and I get a lot of ingrown hair 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. MeeowShejzy
    MeeowShejzy says:

    Please reply. I have been using IPL device with shaving for around a month . I dont see any change in the growth . Please tell me will i get better results with waxing before IPL.

  5. Candice Lawrence
    Candice Lawrence says:

    Hello. Please be aware you should not be using this 3-4 time in 1 week. Your hair has a life cycle. So when you start, wait 2 weeks for the "new hair" to grow, which will be thinner hairs or no hair. then you laser again and wait another 2 weeks. do this for 4 treatments… the new hairs need to grow out. then laser 1ce a month a few times and then every 6 weeks… and then you just do maintenance. your hair has a life cycle, the life cycle doesn't come to an end in a month, it can take 8 months and longer.

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