Going to bed braids tutorial #hairstyles #nightroutine

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#hairstyle #nightroutine #shorts


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  1. •ωє∂ηєѕ∂αу.𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕒𝕞𝕤•
    •ωє∂ηєѕ∂αу.𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕒𝕞𝕤• says:

    Ok ok… Listen up Audrey, if one of ur fans/supporters asks for a hair tutorial on how to do smth. We do NOT want something that is 2 seconds… We want a slowed down version so we can actually see what you're doing. Ok? Is that clear? Thanks❤😊
    Btw. I'm sorry if this is rude or you consider this as hateful but and just trying to make something clear, and im not trying to be mean towards you Audrey, you channel is Great! And keep up the amazing work you're putting into your posts. I'm just saying PLEASE slow down your hair tutorials if they're really fast. I appreciate how your making these videos for us you should get an Award🏅✨

  2. ur.n0v1a
    ur.n0v1a says:

    Y’all fr doing these braids that you’ll take hours to do just to ruin them?💀 like c’mon man just do a bun or a braid it’s not that hard to do either one.

  3. rowismyname 🤍
    rowismyname 🤍 says:

    I used to always struggle with these and one day I just started practicing and I didn’t stop till I got it down. I feel like I knew the steps in my head but I couldn’t get my hands to do the same thing

  4. Hamster Claw 🅥
    Hamster Claw 🅥 says:

    if you really want to learn how to braid your hair don’t be looking in youtube shorts… watch a thorough video. braids are really a self taught thing and come with practice. take inspiration and pointers from videos but in the end it’s all you 🤧 speaking from experience

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