In this hair tutorial i look at the wolf cut or shag cut it is a major trend on TikTok and across social media. Having a very flexible styling, in this wolf cut tutorial i look at how to adapt it for long hair.


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  1. Laly Uman
    Laly Uman says:

    I have very thick hair and I appreciate how he made it into 4 sections. This is my go to look only because I have such thick hair and the layering makes it lightweight and less thic! Thank you!

  2. Miw
    Miw says:

    I have thick straight and frizzy hair and I want to cut my hair like this but I am afraid it will not suit me. Thoughts on this?

  3. M N
    M N says:

    I had never cut my own hair before and I tried this tutorial except i did curtain bangs! Super informative and clear. Thank you so much!

  4. Jilary Cherety
    Jilary Cherety says:

    Looooved this tutorial! I always would ask diferent stylist for this haircut and they never got it right. I decided to do it myself and am very glad I did. It was easy to follow and my hair looks great. 😀

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