laser hair removal appointment + my first mothers day tea!

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20 replies
  1. KKandbabyJ
    KKandbabyJ says:

    Sorry we have all been SO SICK. Sutton woke up one day and couldn’t walk so we took him to the children’s hospital. He’s okay now but as you can imagine we were very stressed and worried and the whole house has been sick 😷 so we are a bit behind on vlogs trying to catch back up! Thank you for being so patient with us!!!

  2. Chelsie Renae
    Chelsie Renae says:

    What machine did she say she was using on your laser hair removal? I just want to know so I can make sure the place I make an appointment at is using the same thing lol because waxing always hurts

  3. Charlotte Stallion
    Charlotte Stallion says:

    I spent lot of money on laser and waxing but all failed 😞 the hair still came back, writing from the UK. I got rid of facial hairs with Doctor isibor alternative herbal treatment and body cleanser

  4. Ben Micheal
    Ben Micheal says:

    My wife tried waxing even laser hair removal the hair still came back, and she came in contact with doctor Isibor supplement and cleanser on youtube which helped in balancing her hormones and got rid of the hair permanently it was really surprising what natural Herbs can do

  5. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Every time I wait a bit and the binge all the vlogs it just makes me in such a good mood. Keren you’re the cutest mom I see and hear so much of your mom and she’s the sweetest! Also love your short hair so much

  6. yasmin mohamed
    yasmin mohamed says:

    Oh my god what a foolish thought I have I thought that bloond women and western women in general don't need hair removal lasser as us as it's yellow or few and all the time wear shorts when does the hair grow really so silly my idea .

  7. Judy McGowan
    Judy McGowan says:

    I live in Wichita. Kansas and my sister had laser hair removal on her face to remove facial hair. She said it did hurt some and was red for couple days. Used ice after

  8. Sabar Jan
    Sabar Jan says:

    Hello lovely family I’m waiting for your volegg but long time gap I’m 🙏 praying your kids all time health good 👍 and your family all times b happy 😃 🥰

  9. Brina Suligoj
    Brina Suligoj says:

    I suggest you don’t do laser hair removal in the postpartum period. I did that mistake. I has so much less hair when in post partum. But then they came back and I had to pay for extra sessions later. I didn’t know hormones were affecting my hair this much. Just a tip…

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