Simple makeup look on Thylane Blondeau

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  1. J
    J says:

    As pretty and natural-looking as this is, I wouldn’t call this “simple.” It’s still a lot of makeup and would take a while to accomplish.

  2. Lynette Tejeda
    Lynette Tejeda says:

    Such a natural beauty but it is soooo refreshing to see a makeup look without all of the unnecessary contouring and over done eyelashes, lips and brows! Very natural makeup and not cakey. Simply beautiful!

  3. anheli87
    anheli87 says:

    I know Andrea always mentions her current favorite products in her Youtube channel videos. This post is also from her Instagram account. From what she has used the list of products I gathered:

    Westman atelier contour stick – either biscuit or truffle
    Anastasia BH brow freeze
    Hindash eye color fluid – Carve
    Valentino powder Bronzer – the universal one & the REFILL! Not the $250 one.
    Valentino Blush
    YSL Lash Clash mascara
    Nabla Lip Liner 03
    Westman Atelier lipgloss
    Colourpop Highlighter
    Rare Beauty Highlighter

    I hope that helps!

  4. sarah Ramady
    sarah Ramady says:

    i spot some of the products ….hindash carve on the eyes then a colour pop eyeshadow on top , ? valentino very rose blush , valentino universal bronzer and rare beauty highlighter . not sure what’s on the lips

  5. Leila Ebrahimi
    Leila Ebrahimi says:

    So beautiful like always, I like to know about that how can I puting 2023 makeup in a hot weather like Thailand, can I ask you teach this kinda stuff also. 💕💕💕

  6. Friday Family Homestead
    Friday Family Homestead says:

    Gorgeous make up on a gorgeous girl! As an ex-model and someone who’s had many a MUA apply makeup on me, The mascara was a little clumpy for my personal taste BUT that’s just one girls opinion. 😉😘❤️🙌🏼

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