TOP 10 Jewelry Trends For 2023 That You Are Going To Love!

TOP 10 Jewelry Trends For 2023 That You Are Going To Love! #jewelrytrends
#spring2023 #fashiontrends2023

These are all my favorite jewelry trends right now and are super easy to wear! There are so many options from classic pieces to trendy fun pieces, so you choose what works for you! I personally love all of them and I am working on updating my jewelry with the things I don’t already have! Thanks for watching! – Jamie

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My Outfit: I am 5’4″ and weigh 110 lbs. I don’t normally wear petites.
Sweater From Anthropologie – TTS Size XS –
Jeans JCrew TTs Size 25

00:00 – Start

00:48 – Hoop Earrings
Large Hoops
Very Large Hoops
Small Hoops
My Huggies
New KS Huggies
Pearl Huggies
Hoops Set
Target Hoop Set

03:00 – Pearls
My Earrings
Dainty Pearl Necklace
Chain & Pearl Necklace
Pearl Sneakers
Pearl Slides
Pearl Handbag
Pearl Sandals
Pearl Hair Ties
CC Pearl Studs
Single Pearl Necklace In Silver

05:23 – Layered Chain Necklaces
14K Gold Plated
18K Gold Plated
3 KS Layered Chains
2 KS Layered Chains

07:12 – Chunky Chain Necklaces
Chunky Chain
Chunky Chain
My Chunky Chain
Gorjana Chunky Chain Like Mine

08:27 – Padlock Jewelry
Kendra Scott

09:34 -Bracelets

09:37 Chain Bracelets

09:51 Bangle Bracelets
Chunky Bangles
Chunky Bangles

10:27 Cuff Bracelets
KS Cuff
XL Cuff
Cuff With Pearls Not Shown
Small Cuff

11:02 – Cocktail Rings

Stacked Rings

11:38 – Signet Rings
Square Signet


34 replies
  1. Millie S.
    Millie S. says:

    I remember my sister having the 7 gold bangles, for everyday of the week, in thr 1960`s. So some jewelry is on and off. I have a signet ring since I was 7 years old.

  2. Karen Allen
    Karen Allen says:

    I make and sell jewelry, mostly wire wrapping and natural stones. I love the earrings you are wearing. I can definitely make those and place them in my store. I'm always looking to see what's in style so my jewelry will be right in there with the stylish women. Thank you

  3. Sarah S
    Sarah S says:

    I have a helpful trick: I bought an extremely cheap pair of “gold” earrings that I love. I sprayed them with a light coat of clear top coat sealant spray paint to seal in the beautiful color and make them last ten times longer. They look phenomenal and will last!

  4. Michele Brotman
    Michele Brotman says:

    I don't follow jewelry trends. I just buy jewelry that I like. I also tend to wear the same pieces with all my outfits. One piece I do change out are bracelets. Love hoops and cuff bracelets. No clasps to struggle with. I prefer silver and white gold as I have cool undertones.

  5. Marsha Cappy
    Marsha Cappy says:

    Hi, bangles are great. I tried some 1930s, bright orange, yellow, and a green one on. They are abundant in antique shops. I don’t wear them much because I have a small wrist, and they slip off. Darn.

  6. F “FCWatercolors” Cameron
    F “FCWatercolors” Cameron says:

    I have chunky rings and cuff bracelets from 20-30 years ago. I suggest going to a local used clothing/jewelry place. In my location, many of the used furniture places, that also carry decorative items from estate sales, will have vintage jewelry.

  7. Bernadette H
    Bernadette H says:

    I have a filigree cuff bracelet that looks great on my child size skinny wrist. It can be bent slightly to fit the arm more snugly. Had it a while so unable to add a link.

  8. Kathy Phillips
    Kathy Phillips says:

    I love rings! – & at 73, I enjoy balancing a hand full of sentiment with a splash of jazz! On my right hand I wear the signet ring my father gave me when my baby sister was born (I was eight yrs old…. so it migrated from my ring finger to my pinky in my teens)….. my mother's dinner ring which she was given by her grandmothers when she turned 16 and that she gave to me on my 50th….. and my (now deceased) husband's gold wedding band on my middle finger. I virtually never remove those rings. On my left hand – ring finger or middle finger – I wear a "statement" ring. My current favorite is a very chunky, modernistic ring set with a large white sapphire cut in an off-center tapered baguette. Other chunky favorites are an amber stone, a polished slab of lapis (both in gold-plated settings), a raw ruby in sterling, and a turquoise & silver Native American piece. None are "fine jewelry" — but they are very striking, add a great pop of color & a "sculptural" touch to the simple, pared-down clothing styles I prefer and are great FUN to wear! Hoop earrings are an endlessly versatile staple & comfortable to wear. I adore pearls — and would wear the three elastic hair accessories you showed as a "cuff" bracelet. Why not — just a softer version of a "stretch" bracelet, right? Besides, at my age, who cares???? lol.

  9. ThatGirl Irish
    ThatGirl Irish says:

    Ahh yes, The padlock necklace. I didn’t have one back then and I probably still won’t do that trend now either, but everything else I pretty much have and I have kept alive and well. I have always been into bangles but I don’t do plastic. I’m definitely an earrings person! I love jewelry and accessorizing so I always just wear what I love and hardly ever get rid of anything! It always comes back around.

  10. Rita Lassick
    Rita Lassick says:

    Another influencer that I follow said bold button earrings are back in big ! I literally have all of these still in my collection! The padlocks and keys have been around for a long time! I’m surprised you’ve never seen them!

  11. Renee Burich
    Renee Burich says:

    Trends in jewelry don’t really matter to me too much. I feel basic jewelry is classic, whether the earrings are large or small, gold, silver, pearls. It’s all good. I do love Kendra Scott!

  12. Ida Hewett
    Ida Hewett says:

    I am 80 years old. And I have collected jewelry since I was in high school. Good thing about that, I have everything that is trending new. Remember the old song everything old is new again. Got the bangles. Got the cuff bracelet. Got the chains you name it. I’m all set for whatever comes.🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  13. Mary Donald
    Mary Donald says:

    For me, huggie earrings look like they have been borrowed from a child. The proportions are off and they appear ill-fitting, but overall I'm delighted jewelry is making a bolder comeback. Without it, the ensemble is a cake without frosting…Just sayin'. Love your videos!

  14. Maria Ziarnik
    Maria Ziarnik says:

    I love these trends for jewelry this season. I am 52 and I feel like I have had a few of these jewelry trends throughout the years and happy some are making a comeback.

  15. Mollie McCollough
    Mollie McCollough says:

    Check out John Hardy’s cuffs! Unbelievably high quality (and you’ll pay for that quality), but I love the one I got a few years ago. I’ll have it for life, and it’s a true treasure. All his jewelry creations are exquisite!

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