CLEAN WITH ME vlog! Life Reset Routine: How to get your life together!

Hi babes and welcome to another clean with me vlog! This is my life reset routine and how to get your life together!

TIK TOK: @imKatMay

*As always, if there is anything you want a link to from the video, let me know in a comment and I’ll try my best to find one!!

SONGS IN THIS VIDEO (All music in this video is from ‘Epidemic Sound’):
– Lost Emerald by Hallman
– Midnight Express by Hallman
– LA Lighthouse by Andreas Dahlbäck
– Honesty by Hallman

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0:00 – Chatty intro + coffee
1:43 – Strip bed
3:44 – 10 Step 2023 Refresh Checklist
17:37 – Lunch
17:58 – Clean with me
19:24 – Lunch + walk
20:36 – Make bed
21:35 – Film Tik Toks
21:54 – Clean with me

Love always,

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video, I purchased all these items with my own money!


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  1. Alesha Ní Riain
    Alesha Ní Riain says:

    Hi Kat. ❤ My names Alesha and you might not see this but i just wanted to tell you that I’ve watched you growing up my entire childhood and you have influenced me and made my life better❤. I remember being younger and wanting my room to be just like yours and your videos always and are still making me motivated and such an organised and productive person. I always look forward to you uploading and I’ve never stopped watching you. Thank you for being such a massive part of my life 🥰

  2. Christine Ann Tedone
    Christine Ann Tedone says:

    Hi Kat and Callie, Lavender – I missed you and I am glad to see you back on YT! I loved watching the Turkeys cross the Street. It was so cute and Funny. We also have them in our Complex. Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day! Your Fan and Friend, Christine 🦃

  3. tessa
    tessa says:

    lavender! 💜 happy super bowl sunday! i know this was filmed before but by the time i'm sending this it is sunday : )i don't really have much to say this time but its good for you to be back! i've been following you on tiktok and it's good that there's plenty of content on there but i've been missing the longer format content. it made me so happy when u posted!

  4. steven Claessen
    steven Claessen says:

    Phew, I thought you were on one of those 2-year Youtuber breaks, glad to see you post! I just need my hot bath in the morning, wake up as I'm chilling in there. Other than that, not much lol. Maybe some lavender?

  5. Carla Bryan
    Carla Bryan says:

    Try peroxide on your NyQuil spill! It’s been a new discovery for me and gets most stains off of white without using bleach! 😘 I have a video idea cuz I lack this so much and it’s how you get motivated to do your to do lists ! I’ve been so depressed and sooooo unmotivated and I feel so yucky because of it! ❤ love your videos so much!

  6. Stephanie Mueller
    Stephanie Mueller says:

    I am writing this at the beginning of the video. I have been procrastinating on my to do list and after this video I am going to get moving. You never disappoint in the motivation.

  7. Ellie the newbie
    Ellie the newbie says:

    It’s been way too long since you’ve posted. Your the only YouTuber I know that needs to have things in their house to work on for their channel (also 4the like 🎉) I love your dog also I don’t remember if you ever said his or her name

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