We install a BED LIFT KIT in a campervan! – GAME CHANGER!

At the Vanlife Gathering we met a lovely lady who had a bed lift kit set up in her van, not only that but she is the creator of the design. Her company is Compact Innovations and we could not be happier with how this turned out. If you are after ideas on bed choice for your build – this one should be the top of your list to check out!
For more information about our bed lift kit :

https://www.compact-innovations.com/?ap_id=The Sand Van

Our Fleet:
Pepper: 1982 Toyota HiAce Pop top. Recently professionally renovated with full work area, full kitchen and fixed double bed.
Vinnie: 2004 Mercedes Sprinter CDI LWB. Self-built by previous owner. Full ensuite fixed bed – full kitchen.
Honda Dio 110cc 2021- complete with POW pet box
Pablo: 2019 Chihuahua – Tan in colour.

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  1. Alice Evans
    Alice Evans says:

    It's such a blessing to be able to do all that's required for this build! Thankful for Tim's talent and patience in all the little and big things involved. Excited to see each new video. Folks please be sure to Subscribe, and please LIKE each video, also run their playlist when you go to bed, out and about etc.. Or binge watch, they're great videos!And watch at least 30 seconds of the commercials.
    I am so sad to see the low numbers of views some of their videos get. These are super folks with great videos and top notch video skills. They truly deserve our help, it costs nothing yet helps them immensely. Thank you. Stay safe and GOD bless

  2. Nicole Hikesalot
    Nicole Hikesalot says:

    great work you guys and it works pretty good, I would not be able to do what you do, so amazing. Your lunch sounded good too. Yes, I know how it is when you get busy and forget to eat. 60 seconds is really good! It will be awesome when it's all finished. I hear ya on getting on with the building.

  3. Goavandz
    Goavandz says:

    Awesome😎👍🙏Full Watching👍🙏😔🤲📌🌹❤💕🎁😊🙋🌈㊗💕🍒🆗💗👍🌹📌✨🙏👋🌹👍😃🌺💎🤗👍🤝👍🙏👍🙏👭🙏💕😍👍🤗👍☀💙🥇👏💯❤😀🔥💯✌😀💯🔥✌❣💢‼🥰👍🔔⭐😍❤🥘👍♥👍😊🙏👍🌾🌹❤😍👍🙏👌👍❤👍🌹🤗🙏🌹👏🥰👏🤗🌼👑💫👍⭐🍽🏆💯👏😁👍👉🙏😀💯🔥✌👍🔥👍😉🙏👍😀🖐😀👍🙂👍👏🏻👍❤👍🌷🙏🎊🎬👍😍👍🙏👍❤👍🤲🌷🤲🐱🌷😍

  4. wanderin wilds
    wanderin wilds says:

    Can’t wait to see the bed in situ fans the van all done, we loved the max air fan when we put one in our old van we don’t have the space for one in the van we have now unfortunately. I love watching the builds well done Tim on moving those electrics and getting everything done so quickly and efficiently. Wise move dropping the camping vlogs guys, we were worried you were gonna burn yourselves out ! 🥰 take care both Debs and Mark xxx

    TSG UNCUT says:

    That is going to be so amazing! It's going to allow you all more space and to stow the bed away when not in use! I saw that on another van before and it's going to really be a game changer! I can't wait to see the finished product! Have a great weekend, guys! Until next time…

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