How I cut 90s layers into my own hair! #hair #hairtok #tutorial #90s

My step by step tutorial of how to cut bouncy face framing layers into your hair at home!
I am a fully qualified hairdresser so please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below!

Thanks for watching, leave me a comment down below if you have any questions!

How I cut these bouncy 90’s style layers into my own hair:
1- Starting at the very top of the hairline, cut the first section to the desired length.
2- Gradually introduce more hair section by section and use the length of the previous section as a guide while cutting in a downwards motion for a seamless gradual effect.
3- Repeat this on both sides
4- Once the hair is dry, remove weight to shatter any harsh lines

4- Finish off the look with a nice bouncy blue

Necklace: –
Rings: –


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  1. Gomba13
    Gomba13 says:

    This is not 90s layers. Gen Z really needs to stay in their lane. You are allowed to cut your hair any way you want but don't call it stuff that it isn't. People like you are why I can't get the same cut I used to because hairdressers today don't mean what I mean by 90s layers. Signed: a girl who had layers in the 90s who knows that this is NOT what hairdressers were doing. For starters, you don't even use a sectioning pattern.

  2. Made in Ohio
    Made in Ohio says:

    Does she have like instagram?i want to cut it the same way, and I will need a photo to show it to the hairdresser, since I don't know how to cut my hair😮‍💨

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