👣What is a Chicken Toe PEDICURE TUTORIAL👣

This video is about What is a Chicken Toe PEDICURE TUTORIAL

My channel is for educational purposes to help people with self-care that everyone needs all over the world, especially those having an issue with their toenails. This content is NOT created for shock value. In today’s video, you will see how toenails can get into precarious situations from an injury and how to reduce the length and thickness of really long nails safely. Lots of amazing toenail cleaning today so stay tuned.

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45 replies
  1. Paula Correal
    Paula Correal says:

    Good for you, Lori for setting that lady straight for criticizing your other client. There are so many busybodies who need to do better research. Wishing you well as you transition to Arizona. Watching from PA.

  2. nicola o'connor
    nicola o'connor says:

    Wow absolutely amazing what a transformation, I am a trained nail tech but didn't learn much in the way of pedicures , I am a care giver for my mom and I do her feet they were like this ladies but from watching your videos I am slowly getting them to look alot better , she went to a chiropodist here in the UK and they didn't really help at all so thanks to you I can now do them x

  3. Judith Ramirez
    Judith Ramirez says:

    Not to be critical but wouldn’t it have been better/easier to sand down the nails first before trimming as they are so thick? Love your videos & hope my question doesn’t offend you 😊

  4. Jamayla
    Jamayla says:

    I love how she doesn’t make ANYONE feel insecure about their toe nail situation🥺 because i know for a fact regular shops will be shady (like people purposely make their toe nails “not normal”🙄)

  5. Ful-O Gold
    Ful-O Gold says:

    Is it possible that a male can be trained to be a technician or is it kind of frowned upon or taboo in the industry? I’d like to maybe become one for a change of job due to health reasons.

  6. Keats Waters
    Keats Waters says:

    Bless you for sticking up for your clients!
    By the way, with your videos I was able to identify a years long nail fungus that was causing my big toenail to thicken and flake. I also had an impacted sidewall that I thought was ingrown… I bought an efile and tools, watched your videos meticulously until I felt comfortable with attacking the problem… it's six months later and you should SEE my toes.

  7. Sarah Wood
    Sarah Wood says:

    My complete kit from you arrived today and I’m so excited! I’m 79 years old and my toenails are in great shape compared to what I see you work on. That being said, I’d like to keep them healthy! Just started watching your videos a couple of weeks ago, and, I’m obsessed!! I feel I’ve learned so much already! Thank you for all you do!! S from Texas, originally from Michigan.

  8. Kenya Wiggin
    Kenya Wiggin says:

    I so appreciate these videos. I can't imagine how much better these toes feel once all the impacted debris is dug out and some of the thickness and length is reduced 💙 I've seen how fungus can absolutely change a nail seemingly forever. Thankfully the only issue I have is very mild ingrowth on the big toes but I've learned a lot about the conditions that lead to further issues and steps to take to try and prevent them. Love this entire channel 😌

  9. Jeri James
    Jeri James says:

    Is it going to be just an extension of the business you already have or are You moving? It is hotter than Hell here in the summer. Hope it all works out.

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