😍 12 EASY DIY Elegant Hairstyles Compilation 😍 Hairstyle Transformations

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Learn how to make a romantic, chic, elegant, fancy, everyday hairstyle updo.

Try this classical voluminous, big, braided messy updo, perfect for medium or long hair, for spring, summer, fall, for work, for church, party, or for a special occasions like the prom, homecoming, weddings/bridal events, to the graduation, or a party.

Hairstyles/coiffure with braids look great as wedding hair, party hair, bridal hair, bridesmaid’s hair/updo, wedding hairstyles, wedding updo..

This video is about pretty braided bun styles, Back-to-School hairstyles, heatless hair styles, cute prom hairstyles, wedding hairstyles. bridesmaid , prom HAIR TUTORIALS FOR LONG HAIR, braided hairstyles for long hair, graduation hairstyles, hair #buns with a #plait, topknot plaits, #braided chignons, teenage hairstyles for school, long hairstyles for school, looks for teenagers, how to french braid your hair, back-to-school hair, hairstyles for medium hair for teenagers, unique and easy school #hairstyles.


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    😍 12 EASY DIY Elegant Hairstyles Compilation 😍 Hairstyle Transformations

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    Such cute styles! My hair is just too silky slithery. I got some dry texturing spray recently so I can get again. But it's texture just isn't "dry" enough or something. I love how easily you break these down and demonstrate

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    У меня тоже такие волосы и цвета такова и длины такой, можно делать такие причёски это очень красиво

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