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We don’t need the beach for beach waves – just some proper hair prep and technique. I’m talking you through this elegant beach waves look step-by-step. Take some, leave the rest – you decide!

Not in the mood for beach waves? Try a messy bun:

Some of the products I used to achieve this look:

Embody Shampoo:
Embody Conditioner:
Instant Recovery Serum:
Air Dry Cream:
Hair Dryer:
Hair Straightener:

Take my JVN Hair quiz, too, so you can achieve these gorgeous waves!

This 2022 hair tutorial is all you ever wanted and more for easy hairstyles, I show how to do beach waves with this easy hair tutorial. Whether you’re looking for straight hair tutorials or easy hair tutorials, this is a great one for you.

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  1. Nadia DSouza
    Nadia DSouza says:

    I have the finest, thinest hair and I bought the airwrap thinking it I could get it to hold a curl.. I could hold a curl for 10 mins maximum and then fall flat. I have bought and tried so many products. So I thought I would try the airdry cream. I used the airwrap and pinned the curls for 20 mins and OMG.. my hair was soft, shiny, bouncy and most importantly, something that I have not be able to achieve since having the airwrap was curls, which lasted me all night and looked amazing. Thank you @Jonathan Van Ness ❤❤❤

  2. Annie Whitmore
    Annie Whitmore says:

    What a lovely guy you are – I never have this much fun at my hairdressers – they don't even talk to me sometimes!! Loved this tutorial – please do more on thin fine hair – it is so difficult for an ordinary mortal to style this type of hair. I am in the UK and often can't find the same hair styling products but I think your brand has now come to the UK – I think I saw you on a video with Sali Hughes?

  3. Andryo Junior
    Andryo Junior says:

    I do that a lot with the blow dryer. For the lower section, as my hair is straight, sometimes I let it natural because I don't like much volume, but when I want some texture without volune I use the straightener exactly like that. The middle section I usually do nothing and the top section I use the iron curler but in a diferent way, I don't clip the hair and twist it, I just roll sections of the hair over it for a more natural texture just for a few seconds, each one to a diferent direction.

  4. Lisa Caruana
    Lisa Caruana says:

    JVN you need to send instructions with your sample of air dry cream! I got some with a shampoo order a few months ago and I gave it away to goodwill because I didn't know what to do with it and I have poker straight hair and all the info I found online said it was for curly hair! My stylist gave me a new cut and beach waves yesterday though and now I'm kicking myself for getting rid of it! 🤣😭

  5. Mrs. G
    Mrs. G says:

    So nice..Jonathan.. please do a style with Platinum Babes…or Silver Foxes…I'm growing out my glistening grays… love to see how your products work with my transitioning to silver lox

  6. Chr J
    Chr J says:

    I have natural frizzy dry wavy hair. Would using your air dry cream help to tame the frizz? I’m thinking to air dry half way and rough dry while twisting my hair to 90% dry and leave it. Would that work.

  7. Already Tired
    Already Tired says:

    It’s so fun to see someone with not much natural texture get texture from a technique. Meanwhile I’m over here with mine like “girl you need to calm down”.

  8. Rachel Hall
    Rachel Hall says:

    This is so helpful, I bought a nice curling iron and don’t know how to use it! This gives me so much more encouragement to practice. My hair doesn’t hold a curl and I couldn’t figure out why until now.

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