EASIEST Tutorial from Straight to Fluffy / Messy Hair🔥

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  1. Knife_VR
    Knife_VR says:

    After I get out the showery hair is so fluffy but after like a hour it just goes down and it's straight and not fluffy do you know how to fix that

  2. R C
    R C says:

    So the backstreet boys in combination with George Michael's earring is a thing now? That's when you know you're getting older

  3. revert!
    revert! says:

    what type or brand of hair wax is that? is it water based? i like the look of it, it doesnt look like u used gel or make it looks wet and doesnt make ur hair stiff or hard

  4. Psycho
    Psycho says:

    It worked really well looks good but it just became flat again in like an hour or two please let me know what I could do to help that

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