Watch me work : 3xl stiletto Glow Nail Tutorial


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    OHhhhhh girl them look DOPE…….lov that shit,,,, yup thicker bettter,,, yup yup I got long square curved on rite now .. I have a ca lic 1984 still have but I move to Nevada and cuz I dont have my own business here I am not going to procey my lic here ,, omg $350 the nutz ,,I just do me,,,

  2. Audrey Soldano
    Audrey Soldano says:

    Hey Hott2022 Summer looking for inspo Babe💕💓💗 Hi Zulay you know how lately neon pink/neon orange is the colors instead of neon yellow/green? Makes me sad Babe they my favorite colors but I'm loving this design here for your beautiful insightful art! Thank u for your Divine Creations!!!! ❌💋💯🙌🏼💪🏼🙏🏼💅🏼💅🏼

  3. Tamara Hampton
    Tamara Hampton says:

    I wish I had a friend to do my nail because 1. I hate being the only one out of my family and friends that do nails. Everybody think they supposed to get free nail but not over here💯😂 & 2. I HATE DOING MY OWN NAILS FOR 5-6 hours😭🤧 depending on the style

  4. danzlo2810
    danzlo2810 says:

    They look so good , great job Zulay . The yellow ones you did with the nude pink and 3D flowers were fire as well . Zulay is on fire !! Zulay is on fire , you rock girl .

  5. Dose Of Intuition  ‘The Reign of Is REAL’
    Dose Of Intuition ‘The Reign of Is REAL’ says:

    GURRRRL we’re not gonna discuss how much money I just spent on this nail addiction chile. 🥰 I shouldn’t need NOTHING but monomer for a WHILE! 😆
    And I can’t stand how easy you making it look to apply that acrylic to your dominant hand. 😫 Takes me FOUR hours to do mine…. No 🧢🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Marcel Motley
    Marcel Motley says:

    That Arcylic is fierce, both hands are on fire 🔥 zulay your imagination is poppin. Luv that zig zag bling on the hot pink. You ever thought abt not stopping nails and start to teach only? Your very patient with all of our questions even if we ask it more than once, why do you luv to file? Can't wait until your next one

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