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This client actually found us right here on our YouTube page and wanted to do laser hair removal on his scalp after seeing the great results we’ve been getting from it on other clients. While it wasn’t exactly as he expected, he will be back to finish his sessions so you might just see a follow up in the future!

Are there any treatments you’d be interested in seeing? Let us know in the comments!

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8 replies
  1. Tico
    Tico says:

    Hey guys… That's looks so awesome

    I guess the hair would grow patchy, how long do you have to wait to shave again?

    I couldnt show up in the office with a patchy head…

  2. Nistkasten Livestream
    Nistkasten Livestream says:

    Oh yes, i like this so much! its like a therapy for me to watch videos of bald heads getting lasered bald! My head is now up to 90% bald and there is only fuzz/weak hair remaining/regrowing. i can stop shaving for some days wothout seeing a difference and its still feels smooth. On monday, i have my next treatment with my boyfriend together. it will be the first one for him and the 8. th (?) for me. But i like your videos and how you make/cut it 🙂

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