How to Fake a Facelift With Makeup | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials

You might not be ready for a facelift just yet, but if you’re looking for ways to fight the signs of aging, then this is the video for you. We asked celebrity makeup artist Kimberley Bosso to show us her best makeup tips to fake a facelift. Watch to see as she transforms our lovely model with a few easy steps that can really make a difference.

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If you’re considering a facelift, but want to find less invasive ways to look like a better version of your younger self, this is the video for you.

25 replies
  1. M K
    M K says:

    Omg I hate videos like this.Why not actually use a woman with obvious sagging face instead of one who doesn't have one.This is why I hate 99% of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube because they ALL use women who's face structure/skin/muscle is still fine and in place and of course,due to this, makeup looks great on them.I don't think they use women with genuinely sagging faces because they know no makeup can disguise this or make it look better.Thats why I respect cosmetic surgeons more than "makeup artists".

  2. tzugrrl
    tzugrrl says:

    What is the point of doing 'facelift makeup' on someone who doesn't need it? Why not do it on a regular person who doesn't have perfect features. This girl is gorgeous, with or without makeup. I would like to see you do someone with sagging wrinkled skin and collapsing eyelids. Now that would be valuable information.

  3. babyjaney1
    babyjaney1 says:

    While I appreciate the glamorous look at the end at that it would be a great evening look. Wouldn't we all just love looking like this lady as in her before shots??I don't think she needed anything doing.She's gorgeous!! I'm almost 45 and it's taking me longer and longer to get ready every day now! I wasn't blessed with great genetics and need all the help I can get!

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