Acrylic nails fill and repairs tutorial | nail tutorial for beginners

Acrylic Nails Tutorial
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Items used:
💕Cuticle pusher:
💕180 Sanding Band:
💕3xl coffin Nail Tips:
💕KDS glue:
💕Nail File:
💕Acrylic Brush:
💕Dust brush:
💕Dappen dish:
💕Paper towels:
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💕Gel Polish: 💕PROMO CODE: getnailed32💕
💕Transfer foils:
💕Transfer gel:
💕Hard gel:
💕Aprey gel topcoat:


34 replies
  1. powderpuffgirl77
    powderpuffgirl77 says:

    Girl! I'm so proud of you! You've worked so hard and look at how far you've come!😃💐💕The nails you do are Always gorgeous. Thank you for all that you do to bring us content. You are very much appreciated!💕

  2. Creativemadness13
    Creativemadness13 says:

    Great video, I love how you mentioned about the temperature. Many people don't think to consider the temperature when having difficulty with the acrylic, I live in Texas it's super hot & even at times Ac on just the heat from windows makes the room hot quickly!!!

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