Weekly Vlog: Target trip & what I got for Christmas

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22 replies
  1. Laur.RachxO
    Laur.RachxO says:

    I’m reading regretting you right now and omg! The chapters go back and forth between two people which I love so you get both sides of the story. ❤️

  2. Haley L.
    Haley L. says:

    Love your videos girl! Be careful with the bath and body works candles the fragrance is really horrible for you idk if you want to go down that rabbit hole but a lot of things are toxic 🥲

  3. Johnnel Adderley
    Johnnel Adderley says:

    I love your White jacket, you look like a cosy little Sheep 😊❤️.
    Wow, I can't believe you never had MAC Give Me Sun MSF bronzer. I thought every makeup artist/Sephora employee had that in their collection…and whoa, your book collection is definitely growing, that's awesome 👍🏾.
    Great vlog Sadie!! Thank you for sharing what you got for Christmas, you got a lot of fabulous gifts. Take care and have a safe and fun New Year's weekend 🤗💖🎉.

  4. Kaylee H
    Kaylee H says:

    Loved the Christmas haul I’ve watched yours for like the past 7 years❤Where do you store your books? I’ve been an avid Kindle reader for years but have recently whithin the last few months been buying books and am not sure where to put them😭 I have a book shelf but my apartment is small so I really don’t have room to make the whole bookshelf just for books. Also just totally curious do you do all of your grocery shopping at target and if so why? Again just genuinely curious I just find most food from target so much more expensive 😅 Also I was laughing so hard at the pancake part 😂

  5. Pam Waskey
    Pam Waskey says:

    Wishing Scott,Oakley,Teddy & you a very Happy New Years Eve and New Years Day 2023 on Sunday . love the video . Can't stand how cute and adorable Oakley and Teddy are . Sadie you are so beautiful. Scott's a lucky guy to have a great wife and mother to Oakley and Teddy.

  6. Sara Marie
    Sara Marie says:

    I hate when customer service is rude. I got the book It Starts With Us not realizing it was the second book so now I'm gonna wait till I get the other and read it first. I hope you guys have a good New Years Eve! I love your brown zip up sweater.

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