I Got Burned During Laser Hair Removal 🔥

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  1. Nikki C
    Nikki C says:

    Some professional lasers can be passed over the skin, however this one doesn't seem like a professional one. This method of hair removal is actually safer for darker skin (I'm a laser specialist and specialise in darker skin). The idea is that you map the size of the area, you calculate the amount of energy that needs to go in the skin. The machine calculates the specific time it will take to cover the area and heat it the appropriate temperature to kill the hairs.

    ND: Yag lasers or a laser with this inbuilt are the best however when used on a stationary pulsed mode, it delivers alot of energy in one go, whereas an in motion laser (where it is passed across the skin) gradually delivers the energy and should only feel hot for the last 5 seconds. If used appropriately, this is one of the best types of laser for darker skin. Have a look at Alma Sopran Titanium if you are darker skinned and considering laser. Also, always ask your tech about their experience with laser, any good tech won't be offended by this and will be happy to share their experience with you!

  2. Anmariee
    Anmariee says:

    Sorry to hear about this, thank you for sharing. I want to do lasering and I learned from Dr. Simi Adedeji and Dr. Alexis Stephens channel and they mention to go to a clinic/spa that is experienced with darker skin. Make sure they know and use ND YAG laser. If they say that they will just turn down the level with whatever laser they have, RUN!

  3. JesAmour
    JesAmour says:

    Did they give you any aftercare treatment or how long the process will take to Heal because I’m literally in the same
    Position and it hurts like hell right now

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