My First Xmas set | Gingerbread inspired |Nail Tutorial

mr chocolate
xmas nail art
smooth set monomer
3xl coffin
sculpting gel frapee


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  1. Sher
    Sher says:

    Been a long minute since I watched you do a set Zulay. Loved the set. Happy holiday's to you and yours. Stay safe. Stay blessed. God be with you always. 😇

  2. Ineka Walker
    Ineka Walker says:

    I just went on your website and ordered but I didn't see your on point disk.
    Also I was shopping while watching your video on the split screen so it may have just been my dumb azzzz! 😂😂😂😂 I will get it next time.

  3. Clevrgurl
    Clevrgurl says:

    LMAO just wathching the replay on the gingerbread set..I was lmao when you messed up his eye..I said, umm el gingerbread esta cojo y tuerto! that was funny to me! anyway, cute set Zulay..Happy Holidays to you & yours..

  4. Claire Steel
    Claire Steel says:

    Wow I have just found u on utube I’m learning acrylics n got to say I think ur amazing the nails are lush will be telling all me friends bout u for sure xxx

  5. Lacie Rhymes
    Lacie Rhymes says:

    I love your long lives!!! I literally put em on as I’m sitting down n doing my own nails!! It takes me really long to create a set too so I feel like we’re literally doing our nails together!!

  6. Ann Nelson
    Ann Nelson says:

    There seems to be a lot of people asking about " how do you wipe ?" . Here is my answer , flushable wipes , lots of choices and types . In my case I can afford these types of xl length ,and buy my normal girly stuff . .

  7. PerfectlyImperfectPressOns
    PerfectlyImperfectPressOns says:

    Okay, a few of things.

    First; absolutely bomb ass set, as always.
    Second; the fact that you did the gingerbread man from Shrek was fan-fucking-tastic!
    Third; my OCPD can't handle that big ass box full of mixed crystals. 😂

  8. Khanyi Beauty
    Khanyi Beauty says:

    I like how excited you get when Patrick makes you coffee. I think your followers deserve to taste his coffee because we keep hearing how good his coffee is☕

  9. Midnight
    Midnight says:

    ? El mannequin hand: Does gel nail polish over the natural bed interfere with adhesion. of tips+acrylic Zulay'? For example, you could scratch that surface and protect the client's damaged nail?

  10. Tina Cherelle
    Tina Cherelle says:

    I just received my zulay glue and activator with the cluster gel 👀🥰 and I'm so excited to use it but the description said lighter bottle and the bottle feels empty 🤣😂 looks like it may be a few drops in there 👀 we will see 🥰🥰 love you zulay.

  11. Jill B
    Jill B says:

    Hey Zulay I seen the beginning of this live got to late for me so I’m always glad you post them here I have fancy can’t wait to use it so many colors so little time I love gingerbread men have them all over my house right now 😁🤩🤩

  12. Ladena Crenshaw
    Ladena Crenshaw says:

    A gingerbread man that is amputated,clutching a candy no less ,to me that tell's me you are tender of the heart,yes {your nail's tell a story}..that is what stand's you apart my dear. …Thank you for sharing today…this set of nail's are very special ,what a delight..Love Ladena

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