I tried Laser Hair Removal at Home | Does it work?

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  1. Prakriti Singh
    Prakriti Singh says:

    Update – This works great on my legs. The hair is almost gone and grows very slowly. It seems like this does not work that great on thick hair because I see no change in my under arm hair even after 8 sessions on intensity 4.

  2. Rudy E
    Rudy E says:

    You're so beautiful and thank you for this guide. I just bought my device and couldn't understand the manuals so i searched up in YouTube and came across to your video

  3. u k
    u k says:

    After using for 3 months I would say ,it works very well on hands and legs but not on underarms and bikini area …..I think it would not work on thick hairs or it will take too much time but on hands and legs it will start showing result after 4 th session…..but not for underarms and bikini area for these area you should go for professional laser bcz it not working there…..

  4. EraseD
    EraseD says:

    I love this video so much. This device looks like a deal to me. Also thanks for saying that waxing is a waste of everything, I love and prefer shaving anyday over waxing

  5. Smriti Chauhan
    Smriti Chauhan says:

    Hey Prakriti 😀 … thank you so much for this video, was so much in need of this and now can you please come up with the makeup tutorial for the look you wearing in this video 😍 !!
    Simply loved your mauvy looks 💜

  6. Subha Chugh
    Subha Chugh says:


    I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and a dermatologist suggested getting laser hair removal might help. But the sessions are super duper expensive. If this is good, do you think I can try this at home?

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