Christmas Day With My Family | Vlogmas Day 15

my green dress
cream flyers hoodie

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my bed
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38 replies
  1. anna king
    anna king says:

    Video ideassss!!!:
    Beauty content (trying new products, full face of rare beauty, trying TikTok viral makeup products)
    More vids with Mandy!!!
    Visiting Lucy in Boston and you all doing new things there together
    Meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking new recipes
    Book reviews/hauls
    Reacting to old YouTube videos of yourself/ reflecting on your growth and journey
    2023 goals/resolutions
    I know you do your best but I would love to see you post more often!!

  2. allaboutvball2
    allaboutvball2 says:

    Things to see/ ideas for next year:

    You try thrifting
    Max teaching you golf
    Small business series – order a few things from different small businesses or when you travel showcase the small places you see
    I love when you show your styling process for clothes so maybe you walk through the whole thing dressing up an item dressing it down different places you’d wear it ect

    Love the vlogs ❤

  3. Piper Foellmer
    Piper Foellmer says:

    this was so cute 🙂 ! so warm and lovely and just so special..loved watching the slideshow at the end! and to end with your dad! how special 😍🥰 and seeing how many times your beautiful mama hugged max was SO sweetttt❤❤

    JMKLMAR says:

    Your dear old dad in the last pic 😍!! Looks like a wonderful man and great guy. His light and spirit shine on his beautiful daughters always. And incidentally,I was watching the Kings and Flyers game here in L.A. tonight and looked for Max but couldn’t find him 😕. Hope he has a wonderful season next year and wishing you both the very best in 2023! 🎊🎉🙏💟☮️🤗😉

  5. Ryan Dickson
    Ryan Dickson says:

    The slideshow was so heartwarming, Gretchen!

    It'd be interesting if you did a video on what it's like doing social media full-time as your career, showing admin-y stuff you do, how you schedule sponsorships, etc.

  6. Liz Graham
    Liz Graham says:

    I'm excited to go after things that make me happy, take care of myself, enjoy life, laugh, find love, and focus on myself! Of course all the new content from you as well! You inspire me to be fearlessly authentically myself and kind, bubbly, open, happy, and positive everyday

  7. Regine Yaites
    Regine Yaites says:

    15:31 how sweet. You have the perfect pic of you, Lucy, and your dad. He’s never far away.

    A video idea would be similar to one you did last year w/ a month of spin classes but instead do orange theory!

  8. Alex Mauritius VLOGS
    Alex Mauritius VLOGS says:

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  9. Helza H
    Helza H says:

    your dress was SO stunning!! loved all the vlogmas videos this year gretchen, the little slideshow at the end was so cute! hope you have a safe and happy new year!! 🤍🤍

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