Soft glam makeup tutorial

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  1. Shadia
    Shadia says:

    Man thats a lot of products to use. On you looks great but too many products in general and i wonder hoe it will look in natural light

  2. Danna Gordon
    Danna Gordon says:

    How does ANYONE know WHICH product to buy?????? You support and promote EVERY HIGH PRICED PRODUCTS THEY SEND YOU!!!!!! How do we, know which products to buy????? You are a YouTube makeup junkie making EVERY MAKEUO ORODUCT KNOWN TO MAN, work for you. And behind the scenes….. who knows which products you REALLY USE??? You get sent millions worth of products byt we get nothing. Ever thought of sharing your left overs with needy women around the world? What charities do you support, just to name a few, wuth the tons of products you don’t use? Ever do makeovers in underprivileged young and older women??? Answer me, or I will thumbs down every short you put out! And not watch! You are a silly human!!!

  3. E L
    E L says:

    Why do you need so many layers? What and for what was the first layer? This dark brown color? And why was something light put on top of it again? And so on…… I don't understand the point. Why not choose the right make-up color directly? That would save all those layers, wouldn't it?

  4. Nicole Doherty
    Nicole Doherty says:

    I absolutely love the way you do makeup. It's always so flattering and sophisticated yet still really sexy? You are so talented Andreea, thank you for sharing your craft ❤️

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