The Worst Purchases I've Made in 2022 | Vlogmas Day 9

Made some bad purchases in 2022 so here are a couple of them and a couple of my best!

Best Purchases:
Stanley cup
Lululemon align leggings
Thrive mascara
Barefoot dreams blanket
Abercrombie 90s jeans

instagram: @gretchengeraghty
snapchat: gretchennnnn
liquid iv (code GRETCHENGERAGHTY for 25% off)
my bed
living room rug
office rug
dining table
kitchen runner
office vessel 14″
pampas grass
olive branches
my vacuum
fav mascara
fav chapstick
fav self tanner
fav eyelash serum
little tripod
big tripod
studio lights
ring light
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41 replies
  1. Kimberly A
    Kimberly A says:

    I love how you added worst purchases and a lot of them were not tangible, it really felt like I was hearing from an older sister telling me how to navigate life and expenses!

  2. ZM
    ZM says:

    Lol as an accountant, trust me the more complicated your business/finances are, investing in a good accountant will save a lot headaches in the future

  3. Minsiss
    Minsiss says:

    You are so beautiful and remind me of Kate Hudson. Always follow what you want to do with your body, but it also just starts with self love and embracing your own beauty.

  4. Maggi van de Leest
    Maggi van de Leest says:

    What material do you have in the align leggings? I used to have a pair that were sooo comfy and I got new ones and am not a fan of the material. It’s like too spandex-y feeling or something hahah

  5. Kellie Reis
    Kellie Reis says:

    This was so entertaining 😂 also im so happy to hear about the botox secrecy honestly!! I feel like people are so quick to judge and make the same basic comment about it, when it can look very natural obviously! I hope you continue to make whatever changes are going to make you happy and I hope people learn to keep their opinions of what you do to your body, to themselves <33

  6. Laney
    Laney says:

    I'll take your mascaras if you truly don't want them if you didn't use them a whole lot. I've been looking for a good mascara for awhile.

  7. Misty Ross
    Misty Ross says:

    YAY Gretchen! I am so happy you bought the Thrive mascara! It truly is the BEST mascara, you will never go back. I have now come to love a lot of their other make up products as well. LOVED this video. It was so fun to watch.

  8. Zoe Jacobin
    Zoe Jacobin says:

    I was literally laughing out loud this entire video. You’re so naturally funny. I died when you were like, “I could have a conversation with myself all day. That’s concerning”. Also, would you consider getting a work phone for all content related things to help you stay organized and have that work-life balance more? Or would that be more complicated bc the lines of your personal life and your work are pretty blurry?

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