I TRIED LASER HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME… *full body hair removal & honest Kenzzi review*

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  1. Karla Espinosa
    Karla Espinosa says:

    HEY GUYS!!🤍I hope you guys are having an amazing holiday season🎄❤️ I’m filming 2 new vlogs this week, so I’m already so excited for 2023 and all that’s to come✨

  2. SeasonalVibes
    SeasonalVibes says:

    I have spent way too much money at the Laser salon and hair is still growing back. One thing I like to know is if you need to protect your eyes with this KENZZI device. At the salon they give you dark glasses because the laser light can damage your retina.

  3. ned
    ned says:

    hey karla, i have looked up such products for myself but they have limited flashes… does this one have that limited flashes thing too or is it just plug-in and use as many times as you want?

  4. erniewornie
    erniewornie says:

    Laser hair removal in-saloon is indeed awkward… for years, I had to endure making small chats with the beauty technician while she is busy zapping down there.. “so how was your weekend…..”😅

  5. Kathleen Fromwiller
    Kathleen Fromwiller says:

    I'm the same way with my pain tolerance – literally I have the tolerance of a toddler 🙃 it's kinda sad haha 😄 and I'm a brunette so I have very dark leg hair and everything in between and I hate it. It is a dream to not shave anymore and this will help with that!! And I shave which can be very very annoying.

  6. teddyjun1
    teddyjun1 says:

    Hello Karla, Were you able to get my emails? I would love to give you a xmas gift. My email contains my username here. I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

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