How To Apply Press On Nails Perfectly (must try!)

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Products Used:
Glamnetic Press On Nails in Creme De Nude
Nail Polish Remover
Paper Towel (haha)
Nail Glue (included in nail kit)

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27 replies
  1. Polly The Homeless
    Polly The Homeless says:

    I've tried everything possible to make press on last but I never succeded. I always feel they are like, not anchored enough and sadly they last like, a few hours at most. Am I the only one having this problem?

  2. lizzycify
    lizzycify says:

    The best tutorial on press nails so far, thank you!! Well I actually prefer UV at home gel nails 'striplac' . Easy to put on and quickly drying with the UV led lamp. Lasts for weeks too.

  3. Ragh
    Ragh says:

    This is so easy when you have perfect nail shape
    I mean you can just grow out your natural nails at this point
    My nail pad is very short and the nail itself gets wider and wider so this is a no go for meπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    I guess god does have his favourites

  4. 99medusa
    99medusa says:

    What type of cuticle hydrator did you use? I tried to look up oil, free, hydrators for cuticles and couldn’t find anything. Thank you so much for these videos even as a 55-year-old woman I learn new things every day!

  5. Cleo
    Cleo says:

    MY BIG TIP – If you have to size down or you test the fit and it feels tight or snug, bend the fake nail so it’s flatter and less of a curve that hugs your nail too tight.

  6. Sarah Coletti
    Sarah Coletti says:

    Also, another little thing for most people to know is that it's not always the case that both hands will require the same sizes. I know a lot of people who have hands with different sized middle fingers and thumbs and such. Best thing to do is take a clear piece of tape and put it across the widest part of your nail. Then, for each finger, mark the edges of your nails on the tape with a sharpie. After you've done that you can lay them all out in order and use a measuring tape to truly find your ten sizes. I hope this helps! I love me some press on nails! The sets I get from Etsy look like I paid hundreds when in reality it's a small fraction of that! πŸ’–

  7. L P
    L P says:

    I have been getting mine done in a salon for decades but this makes me want to try press on nails. Can you recommend a brand that you love & the best glue that you have found? XO

  8. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    I just got my acrylics off AND NEVER AGAIN😭😭😭 my nails hurt. They got off some of my natural nail layers and they are red and so thin! I'm never going to a salon again and am only going to use press on nails or nail polish from now on.

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