Winter Nails | BuilderGel/PolyGel Nails?? | Nail Tutorial

Lets create some beautiful winter nails using Polygel and Builder Gel. This set came out so cute I hope you love it. If you enjoy these type of video please subscribe to my channel and set the notification bell to all. Love ya 🥰

Products used in this video:
Nail Lamp
Drill Bits
Nail Cleanser
Rubber Base Gel
Gel Brush #4&6
Crystal Clear
Shiny Top Coat
Bling It Rhinestone Gel
Bling It Rhinestone Tool
Bling It Box

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🎶🎵Artist : Steven Beddall

📱👯‍♀️ LETS BE FRIENDS 👯‍♀️📱

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30 replies
  1. Keena Pearce
    Keena Pearce says:

    I'm always in AWE over your designs choice of colors to stone colors and placements it just always ties in together no matter what cha do darling!! Xo ✌🏽👩🏽✌🏽

  2. UniqueLadii
    UniqueLadii says:

    Hi Lissette! Can you share what base tips you use on your practice hand I’ve checked your storefront but all I see are clear and I know the ones you use are natural and squareish lol ty

  3. Brittany vaughan
    Brittany vaughan says:

    Hey Lissette I hope you're feeling better now. Thank you for the art brushes I cannot wait to order mine. I wish I would've caught the BF/CM sale but I'd already placed my order for everything I needed lol anyways can you give us a link for the silver box that you got the chains out of?

  4. Nail Designs By Denise
    Nail Designs By Denise says:

    Awwww girl. I figured you were under the weather. I hope you’re feeling better. I caught a bug over Thanksgiving so I can sympathize. But that didn’t stop me from shopping some Black Friday sales, including your website, LOL! Can’t wait to get my goodies and complete my LGN Pro hard gel collection! This set is so classy and wintery. Thanks for sharing your creativity! 💅🏻🤍🤍🤍

  5. Christina Compton
    Christina Compton says:

    Gorgeous 😍 I love the icy aesthetic! And let me tell you, I swear I’ve been on the same liner brush hunt, lol. I’ve bought so many fails throughout the past few years. I’m excited to try this one! You busted out those snowflakes quick as hell, lol. I’ll have to stalk your website for their release☃️❄️

  6. Terri-Anne Elverd
    Terri-Anne Elverd says:

    Oh Lissette your poor throat I hope you're feeling much better now…OMG those nail's are beautiful I love everything you used (the Makarrt polygel is like an opal 😍)…your crystal's just stunning I really wish I could buy your product's in Australia I love the look of your clear builder gel and your bling it…thankyou for sharing xo 💜💅💜

  7. Erin Clancy
    Erin Clancy says:

    So excited to watch a new video 🤗🤗
    There are SO many products we can’t get here in Australia.. and things are always so expensive when we can 😭😭😭

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