Getting my first Laser Hair Removal consult as a natural blonde 😭

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  1. Aimee Wood
    Aimee Wood says:

    Girl, I JUST discovered you today… so we both know my reply to your experience with this is a little bit delayed, but maybe I can provide some comfort?
    Please rest assured lady, it happens to the best of us. They should have informed you already but most facilities require some amount of growth for their assessment.
    But. I. Have. Been. Right. Where. You. Are.
    I hope the people behind the counter were understanding and nice to you.
    (I've heard some horror stories about some less than patient people)
    And hopefully you are not still stressing about it.
    And if they weren't.. what you do, girl
    Dance it off😙❤

  2. Pistol Packin’ Mama
    Pistol Packin’ Mama says:

    What are you having lasered? I used to do that for clients, and we don’t do the face, so anywhere else on the body you will have pigment. I can see from your picture that your roots are brown, you shouldn’t have a problem!

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