Waterfall: Gradient Nail Tutorial

My first nail tutorial! I’m not good with fancy-pants nails so if I could do this, so can you 🙂

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** I had NO idea Lindy had originally done something very similar to this tutorial. Thanks everyone for letting me know! Here’s her beautiful tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFrYx_nJ2Ms

Music by the lovely & talented Rebecca Horn hhttp://www.rebeccahornmusic.com/ 🙂

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42 replies
  1. Cheyenne Niemeier
    Cheyenne Niemeier says:

    I just say the front image and thought that looks so cool thank you for the great idea of what to do for my own. My nail are really brittle and tear easy so I always have to keep some type of fake stick on nails after they tear to nothingness when I start leaving them off but a friend of mine told me to start painting them with nail nutrients and that has helped but I want to start using designs so thank you for the ideas! 🙂

  2. Jualo
    Jualo says:

    it doesn't matter who did it first, gradient nails have been around for a while, so no one's copying anybody. its like saying whoever puts a flat iron tutorial after the first person is copying them. just enjoy the tutorial.

  3. livi1016
    livi1016 says:

    Do you all know how many gradient tutorials there are on youtube? just cuz bubz just did one, sent mean she's copying her, or anyone else on youtube for that matter.

  4. Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear says:

    @Catriona895 yeah but it doesnt mean bubzbeauty came up with the sponge technique… and plus they used different colors, its like saying you got gradient nails and so did i, so i copied you. Anyone can do gradient nails with glitter. It's not copying.

  5. Amelie N.
    Amelie N. says:

    @RachhLoves Pbi Well, the gradient manicure has been around for quite a while. The idea does not belong Bubz, Klaire, or anybody else for that matter. You don't need to apologize. I'm sure that they took inspiration from other sources as well because the gradient manicure has been around for years.

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