Easy 3D Crocodile Print | Not Polish | Acrylic Nails Tutorial

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Buffer https://amzn.to/2Sn5ycZ

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25 replies
  1. La Mejor Amor
    La Mejor Amor says:

    The smile line is not crisp. The green overlaps the nude in certain places. This is not a professional job. Crisp lines are absolutely crucial. Crisp lines are nail tech 101 stuff!!

  2. Love.wildly.Live.fearlessly.
    Love.wildly.Live.fearlessly. says:

    Ok this may come off as rude but it’s 100% not me trying I be rude this is a serious question… how do you not need perfection? Like it takes me an hour or so to do one nail cause my ocd kicks in and i need it perfect and even then I don’t think it’s good enough. An I get compliments from people but when I look at my own nails I just see all the flaws like how do I say this is good enough cause I used to get my nails done and I always thought wow amazing and of course they had their flaws cause the only nail place in town is like a quick I’m and out place that rushes but when I do my nails it’s like I’m never hall with it and I want to just be happy with it were you like that when you first started?

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