Smokey brown naked beat X transformation 🔥🤎#darkskin #makeuptutorial

love the support you all have been giving me thank you so much 😘 I will most definitely put out more videos every week !!

My name is Jakia known as Slaysbyjakiaaa or LashaysGlamz in Miami . I’m an professional makeup artist I started my career at 12 years young . My message to my clients and people all across the world “you can do it “ takes time but it was worth it . I became who I am today just by looking at one YouTube makeup tutorial and it change my life forever !!! You got this 💕

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Any collabs for new brands of cosmetics or lashes email me

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Hair by @hairbytheephotorebel on instagram !! Miami hairstylist

Press powder : nw44 nw50
Setting powder : honey & medium deep Laura mercier

Morphe 8d bronzer palette

Nyx exspersso

Foundation : nars long wear New Caledoniani st

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  1. Vern W.
    Vern W. says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ This is beautiful. I love how detailed you are in your videos, especially with your technique and product use. Not to mention all the different skin tones you show. I really appreciate your videos. Thank you.

  2. Honey B
    Honey B says:

    She looks amazing and your work is beautiful 😩😩 Can you please do a tutorial on how you take pictures for your clients. I’m an upcoming makeup artist and hairstylist and I still can’t figure out how to get the best quality for pictures and videos of clients 😩

  3. Ashley Kay
    Ashley Kay says:

    I love the way this look came out.
    I’ma upcoming MUA and I’ve been watching your videos for the past 2 days and I really appreciate you teaching as you work because I definitely picked up on some of your tips in it got me ready to beat some faces. I wanted to also ask if you can make a video of all the products needed to achieve that look or maybe a make up kit video..

  4. SM
    SM says:

    why do you use lash glue on the brows instead of eyebrow gel? Have you tried eyebrow gels and didnt like it or you found the eye lash glue just works and never bothered to try brow gel?

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