Soft Fall Makeup Tutorial

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Clio Mascara 01 ($9.99):
Clio Mascara 04 ($9.99) :
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Revolve Top: {“surl”:””,”wurl”:””}

Skin Prep:
Embryolisse Lait Creme:
Glow Recipe Dew Drops:
Refy Creme Bronzer:
Charlotte Tilbury Glow Wand in Pinkgasm:
Huda Beauty Easy Bake Setting Powder:
MAC Bronzer:
Makeup by Mario Skin Perfector in Medium:
Crushxo Blush and Highlighter Duo:

Kosas Foundation:
Beauty Blender:
Hourglass Concealer in Sepia:

Patrick Ta Eyebrow Pencil:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze:
Clio Pro Eye Pallete in #8:
Hourglass Gel Eyeliner:
Nyx Eyeliner in Aqua Green:
Clio Mascara #4:

Hourglass Lip Balm in Slip:
Peripera Lip Liner in wine nude:

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  1. andrew huesca
    andrew huesca says:

    Hey there Keanu Reeves, thank you for the continuous support via my YouTube page. I've been a fan of your since your Joaquin Phoenix acting days. Those movies from late eighties early nineties reminded me of my favorite TV show all time, "Eight Is Enough." Anything you need hit up Miranda Kerr and Miranda cosgrove asap for your future endeavors is a done deal. I hear Constantine 2 has a green light to move forward, an early thank you for that. Lets chill on the big Island asap. Merry Christmas and happy New Year for your friends connections but most of all the Reeves Family Nationwide.

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    Hey there Iron Mike Tyson. Thanks and i appreciate your consistent support of my values via my YouTube page. Meeting you would be the the world for me. I may or might not make a couple appendage jokes about the nineties that may go over your head, so be ready for real Candour. There just jokes Sir. I do need mass amounts of hard candy to decorate my movie room in modern day candy dispensers, I'm game. Merry Christmas and happy New Year for your friends connections, the entire Tyson Family but most of all all the Men in your past that got you to where you are. There all angels smiling down to you. You deserve greatness for life, i hope only the best for you and your future endeavors.

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  5. Barbara Fairbanks
    Barbara Fairbanks says:

    Jean, more confusion with colors.

    On the Hourglass gel eyeliner, Voyuer is the pencil name, not a color.
    The color that comes @ Nordstroms, from the link is Solstice (looks light light caramel) – is that the color you use here?
    …would love to know!

  6. Barbara Fairbanks
    Barbara Fairbanks says:

    Hi Jean. Love your tutorials, but sometimes I have to guess at the colors you are using, when you show the product but don't mention the color.

    This time, it's the Kosas foundation -I'd love to try the shade you use here, since we have similar coloring.

    When I click your link, it goes to Nordstroms, and the shade that comes up is light/med olive. TBH, when you applied it (and the very light effect of your skin, on camera) the shade looks to be much lighter than med/light olive – possibly light neutral, or light olive(?), or even ine of their Very Light shade? Please let me know.
    Thx xo

  7. Laura M.
    Laura M. says:

    She doesn't even check her subs comments. I always leave a comment and then come back a week later just to check to see if she likes anyones posts or comments. And NOPE! Makes you wonder if she is in it just for the $$ . Jean if you are reading this try to be more engaging with your subscribers.

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