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44 replies
  1. raji fonte
    raji fonte says:

    Btw i love the ioni products and i love that l.a. colors tiny morphe looking palette. I got mines for xmas like five yrs ago and Ive done a few very nice looks with that palette.

  2. raji fonte
    raji fonte says:

    Im so so mad 😡 not only is my dollar tree 💵 🌲 1.25$ now which is fine, understandable, but now my dollar tree is selling 3.00$ stuff 5.00stuff . I hope they don’t continue with the higher pricing, because i was left baffled and embarrassed when i did a huge shopping 🛒 and i had to put half the stuff back because I didn’t know it was more than 1.25$. Im very disappointed. They fought for years to keep their stuff a dollar, so I understand having to eventually go up a little but selling five dollar stuff? 3.00 stuff? Might as well shop at dollar general soon cuz at least they have coupons and deals. But dollar tree saved my life. Im so scared of this change 😢i can barely afford food and stuff now. I don’t know what ill do if they change completely.😢

  3. zuleyka torres
    zuleyka torres says:

    I love this kind of videos! I just went to the dollar tree and found that Milani powder and was like… Wait… Is this a setting powder or a highlighter 😅 but now that you use it to set it looks great! Thank you for this video! Love affordable makeup, by the way I've been binge watching the entire week lol and congrats on your Collab with elf! 🎉I try to get my hands on it but it was sold out so fast! Anyway so happy for you ☺️🤗

  4. creepy-kitty
    creepy-kitty says:

    I wish my dollar store had anything for even medium skin much less fair skin I can't even shop for bb creams or cheap foundation cause I will never find my shade cause what location I'm in…

  5. Abigail Kalyniuk
    Abigail Kalyniuk says:

    I’ve never seen any type of expiration dates on any product I’ve bought from there including products I’ve bought at high end stores I mean these a little jar that will have a “8” or “5” ect after opened expiration as 99% of these makeup company’s would lose huge sales if it said a standard date lol and lots of the makeup produced would be garbaged within months before selling

  6. Stefanie B
    Stefanie B says:

    My favourite makeup item from dollar tree is the l.a colours setting spray! You get a small amount but it's good for about 5 uses. Also the elf setting powder too, same thing with it being tiny but good for if your in a budget pinch lol
    Also I tried the last colours liquid liner and it peeled off and had a Shiney finish, hated it

  7. SaltyBiťçh1776
    SaltyBiťçh1776 says:

    I've tried the powder and liked it enough to go back for more. Yes, the smell is unusual but it is nothing strong or overpowering and I have never broken out, gotten rashes, or had anyone else notice the scent.

  8. Shalana Jordan
    Shalana Jordan says:

    I am so happy I found you on IG and here. Love your videos and your quick recommendation videos. You've given me the confidence to try more make besides just eyeshadow and eyeliner😅 You make it all look doable

  9. Holly Olszewski
    Holly Olszewski says:

    i have a huge collection, a drawer full of products i got from the dollar tree, and i was going to make a video of it today, im no where near as talented, but im watching to see if u have any of the same products

  10. B LÜV ♪
    B LÜV ♪ says:

    The BB cream is one of my personal favorites from the Dollar Tree; it covers really well and it feels comfortable on my skin. I still love all of my other higher dollar favorites but if I'm in a rush and I need something to make my skin look a little better quickly; I always gravitate to this particular BB cream. Great video Kelly; your personality is honestly refreshing and it's nice that you are still so humble after all these years <3

  11. Shannon Burke
    Shannon Burke says:

    If you ever worry about an expiration date, I use cosmetic calculator! It tells you the shelf life of the product by using the BIN number. Some brands aren’t on it, but for the most part, a lot of them are!! I saw that trick on TikTok and it’s a lifesaverrrr

  12. Teri Rachel Sims
    Teri Rachel Sims says:

    I don't know where you're located, but if you have 99 Cents Only in your area, they have Ioni products for $1. I like their "thickening" mascara. But at DT I've gotten Maybelline, my old favorite, which has now gotten way pricey. As far as I'm concerned, Wet & Wild is great and often available at DT. I haven't cared all that much for any of the LA Color things I've tried.

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