Affordable Indian Skincare that works | All Skin Types

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In today’s video I’m sharing some products which are easily available in the Indian market
And are suitable for all skin types.

Products mentioned in the video
1. Cetaphil gentle cleanser
2.Aroma Magic chamomile face wash
🔥Exfoliator –
1. Biotique bio papaya exfoliator
🔥Peel off mask-
1. Ever youth Everglow peel off mask
🔥Toners –
1. Kama Ayurveda pure rose water
2.Biotique honey water toner
1.Ponds light moisturiser
2.biotique morning nectar cream
3.pure almond oil
🔥Sunscreen –
1. Neutrogena SPF 50

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Disclaimer :- This is not a sponsored video. All the views shared about the products are free from any bias. The products which work for me might not work for you so use your own discretion before using the same.

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  1. Iffat Butt
    Iffat Butt says:

    One question about sunscreen…….. I've heard that after a limited time the chemicals present in sunscreen gets de-natured. So if we don't re-apply sunscreen after 2 hours….. Will it damaged our skin??
    Can we have to wash off our face before reapplying it
    If yes, then with simple water or face wash??
    And choosing SPF depends on your skin-color??

  2. Sweet Fix
    Sweet Fix says:

    Can we use it on daily base please suggest me
    And because of my skin i have no friends and im so irrite cus my face 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭i need your help please reply

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