Hello Kitty Winter Nail Tutorial

Get the nail art polish, stamper, and plates here http://mlad.co/1ztkH

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xmas bundle that is already 50%off: http://shanycosmetics.com/Nail-Accessories/Bright-Christmas-Nail-Art-Bundle.html
Stamper: http://shanycosmetics.com/Nail-Accessories/Nail-Art-Stamping-Set.html
Plates: http://shanycosmetics.com/Nail-Accessories/New-Image-Plates-Set-Nail-Polish-Image-Plates-25pcs-with-Storage.html
Nail Art Polishes: http://shanycosmetics.com/Nail-Accessories/Famous-Colors-Nail-Polish-Nail-Art-Set-1.html

If you have been following me for a while you know that I am addicted to doing my nails so I was happy I finally sat down and took my time filming a nail tutorial for you all. I also filmed my nail care video so LIKE this video if you are interested!

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  1. nicky g
    nicky g says:

    when u use these type of plates u have to use the polishes it comes with because they are a different type of formula.. so regular polishes won't work or transfer.

  2. charity0009
    charity0009 says:

    Let us know how it goes with their polishes. Cuz I got their plates but not their polish n the transfer did not grab. Let me know if I shud be getting their polishes. THANKS!

  3. charity0009
    charity0009 says:

    Hey. U were right. its not working for me. Bummer! Ima have to buy their damn polishes…it looked so easy for her. I already own tons n tons of polish so this sucks. I really want this to work n for me to love this product. Gonna have to wait for their polishes to go on sale again. = ) u did warn me so thanks.

  4. charity0009
    charity0009 says:

    I got the set today. Great shipping that was fast. But bummer jus like someone warned me my polishes are not working for it. I took off the top blue plastic protector. Am I to leave the bottom white one on? I used nail polish remover to clean off the the plate holder and it got all sticky?! Wat the heck. I want to give a good review on this thing but not sure yet. Guess I have to purchase their polishes. I already own 100 polishes if I have to buy theirs and then the system dsnt work Ima b mad.

  5. Pixie Sparklez
    Pixie Sparklez says:

    Love it Sonia but for those that are going to buy it… try not to do it so hard or press on it tons when you are going to remove the excess nail polish,it will definitely save ya from scratching your plate! 🙂 GL!

  6. Ashley Haigh
    Ashley Haigh says:

    This is my most favorite tutorial I have ever watched! Thankyou so much! I defiantly plan on recreating this!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I COULD GET HELLO KITTY PIECE THAT IS LIKE THIS ONE?

  7. Mizzmissybbeauty
    Mizzmissybbeauty says:

    I love your videos! Jude is such a cutie!! I have a new you tube channel and would love it if you would check it out! And I would love any advice you would have for me on getting started and working from home?? I would really really appreciate it! Thank you, my channel is mizzmissybbeauty , Thank you, Melissa 🙂

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