Hailey Bieber's Skincare Routine Reaction + Rhode Review! | Skincare Reaction

Watch the original video on @Harper’s BAZAAR here: https://youtu.be/d1Cew7ccIbY

I’m finally sharing a reaction video to Hailey Bieber’s nighttime skincare routine AND a review of her skincare brand: Rhode. Better late than never, right? For this video, I decided to follow her skincare routine step-by-step and share my thoughts.

SKKN By Kim Kardashian Reaction: https://youtu.be/2wBEWT66lS8
Sydney Sweeney Reaction: https://youtu.be/2wBEWT66lS8

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00:00 Intro
00:59 Oil Cleanser
04:56 Second Cleanse
07:33 Toner
10:05 Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid
12:33 Rhode Barrier Restore Cream
16:06 Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment
17:39 Rhode Review

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  1. Brandy Powell
    Brandy Powell says:

    Just found your channel and love your videos so far! I’ve been obsessed with skincare for decades, though I’m not in the industry. I’m in my 40’s and really appreciate someone my age providing more information about this kind of stuff. Some others on YouTube give great info, but can be really biased away from either high price or low price items. I just want the information on all of it so I can appreciate the benefits of the things I enjoy and find new items I may love!

  2. K day
    K day says:

    I subscribed to your Channel because your Gorgeous and you have a condition that’s familiar ( hypothyroidism )and you still look beautiful and a lot of energy !
    I was wondering … I’ve looked at MANY of your videos and was wondering what’s your favorite peel ( Lactic or Glycolic acid ), how often do you personally use these ? I’m acne prone and need your favorite ALL TIME Favorite cleanser, hyperpigmentation ( products ), basically your most effective treatments for flawless, acne prone skin like yours ? How often do you double cleanse ?
    Thank You ♥️

  3. 9melissal
    9melissal says:

    My first reaction when she showed the ordinary squalane cleanser was that it's meant to be a first cleanser. She's using 2 oil cleansers and no water based second cleanse and then susan said the same thing!

  4. Jessica Madrid
    Jessica Madrid says:

    You’re fun, entertaining, and always teaching us about skin and skincare, so everyone can understand. I wanted to try Hailey’s products, but they are always out of stock. I love your Naturium products!

  5. Janick Shank
    Janick Shank says:

    I have been using oil cleansers for years and they are my favorite ! I did try this one and I loved it. I have always removed my eye makeup with a spray eye remover first though.

  6. Charlotte Fox
    Charlotte Fox says:

    I’ve been using the One Love Organics oil cleanser for about seven years and it gets absolutely everything off my face including waterproof mascara. I rub a bit more intensely than Susan did in this video, and I don’t drag the towel across my face, but I do pat dry after, and every single time it’s gotten everything off for me, so for anyone looking for a beautiful oil cleanser, that really does remove everything, emulsifies, and leaves your skin, feeling incredible I highly, highly recommend One Love Organics.

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