Pink Gradient Nail Tutorial

want to know what polish i used? ctrl+f in the comments, it’ll be there. i’ve also written a long comment about it too, so i hope that helps~

○ – – – – • ☆ ○ ☆ • – – – – ○
This is how I do gradients on my nails. 🙂 You can pick any colour, doesn’t have to be pink.

I don’t use more than one shade of pink nail polishes, just one! Quite simple and easy 🙂

○ – – – – • ☆ A D V I C E ☆ • – – – – ○
it’s important to be patient and wait for a layer to dry before painting the next layer.

Optional: I like to add large silvery sparkles/glitter on top. For example

○ – – – – • ☆ L I N K S ☆ • – – – – ○

Have any questions or request? Please leave me a comment 🙂


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  1. aqua011289
    aqua011289 says:

    Hi, just wanna ask u some question, so basically you are just using the base (transparent color), and pink color with glitter and the top coat, am i right? thanks!

  2. JColegreenEyes
    JColegreenEyes says:

    I am amazed that you did that all with only 1 btl of colored nail polish. I tried the sponge last night and I finally gave up, this looks easier. I think OPI makes a Designer Series Hal. polish like that.

  3. KristheMaknae
    KristheMaknae says:

    Yes. There's a polish called base coat that is clear like the top coat but works differently. Just go to where the polishes are and look for base coat.. Some nail polishes say base+top coat. That means that you can use that one polish for both the base and top coat.

  4. Mie2Cents
    Mie2Cents says:

    I got how you did that gradient with the layers. 3 layers but when starting from the end and building up makes the end darker with each later and the layers after that. As in steps. Cool I like that better because I'm not as accurate with the sponge as others do. I like this technique better.

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