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  1. evenstar4712
    evenstar4712 says:

    As a 41 year old woman who struggled with acne pretty bad for a few yrs in my late teens, I so wish we had those hydrocolloid patches back then. Maybe we did but I don’t remember them. Either way, skin care has just gotten so much better over the years. My children are going to look like they’re 20 when they’re in their 50s if they really take advantage of everything that skin care has to offer these days. I’m really surprised at the turn around of my own skin since I really started dedicating more time to it. Now it’s just time to fully kick the cigarettes and up the amount of water I’m drinking. Anyhow, I’m glad to have stumbled onto your videos. U seem like such a sweetie.

  2. evenstar4712
    evenstar4712 says:

    Hyram, have u ever watched Enilsa Brown? She is an aesthetician and in my opinion, she is by far the best out there. She has taken care of some cases where you’re thinking that there’s going to have to be some scarring in the end because people are coming in with literally thousands of blackheads and their skin is just in terrible shape. But somehow or other she whips it back into shape again and she has her own line of products that are fantastic…Not to mention her personality is just so sweet. I especially love her group of videos with this guy who’s skin she works on…Its a guy named “K”. So if you really enjoy watching extraction videos at bedtime and if you haven’t seen her yet, you should definitely check her out. She is just the sweetest lady and so damn good at what she does!

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