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  1. Leena
    Leena says:

    I got ripped off by laser too, spent thousands for it to just make my hairs much worse, darker and coarser, looking into electrolysis now to help it

  2. Farzeen Mirza
    Farzeen Mirza says:

    When you go to a laser clinic, you should've asked which laser they use because most clinic lasers are IPL and catered towards skin/hair that have a high contrast between them. Nd:YAG laser is for us hairy middle eastern/south asian girls which work really well but you have to really search for them unfortunately

  3. Jeanninelaila
    Jeanninelaila says:

    Really considering getting an at home kit… like you gurl I’ve tried everything. Middle eastern woman here too 🙋🏻‍♀️ spent way too much money on laser and all the things

  4. Kait tt
    Kait tt says:

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  5. Lele
    Lele says:

    Omg Same for me I went to a professional laser removal around 8 times and still grew hair. It was so expensive and I knew that i would have to go at least another 8 times so i stopped and started at home laser around 2 months ago and it’s so worth it!!! You get amazing results and save so much money 💖

  6. Lily Nash
    Lily Nash says:

    Just a heads up for people keen on buying the Kenzzi one, the same model from SkinGenics costs half the price and you don't have the dodgy fifty pound customs charge that Kenzzi neglect to tell you about xxxx

  7. omgnoway
    omgnoway says:

    i've been using the same handset but from a different brand and definitely has done wonders with my pits lol! I just started on the bikini area but it hurts like a b

  8. Nis
    Nis says:

    Just a friendly reminder: Sagonia we fabu fam love & appreciate whatever you're doing. Stay happy & keep serving us like this 🤍

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