b.tan!! Is it the darkest self tanner out there? Let's put it to the test!

hey there guys! We made it to Friday!! Thank you so much for the love and support and to all the new subscribers! Hope you enjoy the video, we are going to talk about b.tan….have you ever heard of them? I hadn’t either until I saw them online and decided to try them out. They claim to have the darkest self tanner out there. Come check out my before and after’s and hear all about my thoughts on this product. xoxo Krystal

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b.tan: https://btan.rocks/?country=us (website)
b.tan self tanner in this video: https://us.shop.minetanbodyskin.com/collections/btan-self-tan-mousse/products/i-want-the-darkest-tan-possible-self-tan-mousse


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  1. Chelsae Jones
    Chelsae Jones says:

    They must’ve updated the formula because compared to a lot of other self tanners this actually dried extremely well on me and was comfortable to sleep in and wear clothes.

  2. Michelle Victor
    Michelle Victor says:

    I got this tanner a few years ago when it was a level 2 Tanner and I guess they changed the level of dha to a five in the last year. I didn’t like the color tone on me then and I still don’t like it. I recently purchased it over the last month. I find it leaves my skin a dull shade of tan.I do however like their violet tanner called “love at first tan”. I prefer the tone of it although it’s a level 2. Good review.

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