PAINLESS LASER HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME | save thousands of dollars | no razor burn or ingrowns

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prep & shaving routine:

make sure to watch every second of the video to ensure you don’t miss any steps or extra tips!

i took you guys through the steps of my at-home laser hair removal routine. doing laser hair removal at home saves you thousands of dollars from going to the salon, is entirely painless, and makes you no longer have to worry about razor burn or ingrowns. i have only been doing this for about a month and i already see results! i hope you guys enjoyed:)

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  1. JuLiA c
    JuLiA c says:

    I was so insecure about my body hair until I found your channel, it really makes me happy when you say that you don’t need to shave to feel pretty instead of saying that it’s gross.❤

  2. Soldier4Christ
    Soldier4Christ says:

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  3. Pinkyg091
    Pinkyg091 says:

    I just found your channel and love your videos. I hope you can also talk about dark underarm or other area after you shave and how to brighten those area!

  4. Aaminah Akhtar
    Aaminah Akhtar says:

    I’m hoping this acc makes a difference because I have a lot of hair unfortunately and don’t have a lot of money or honestly time to go to a laser hair removal shop but who knows . I’ll probably get this , I don’t mind how long it takes but as long as it works . If anyone has used this , any tips or anything ?? Or anything product ???

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