First Laser Hair Removal Link:

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  1. JS1 JS1
    JS1 JS1 says:

    #1 Your Mommy is too cute!!! 🥰 #2 Can laser hair removal be done for “lady mustaches”? Is it safe for the face? ❤️ Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. Vonn D Lee
    Vonn D Lee says:

    I got the Brazilian Laser hair removal at Ideal Image about 5 yrs ago. I also got my underarms and happy trail done too. My hair grows back so sparse, thin & super fine. My underarms also are lighter. I only shave about 2 twice a month. Best decision & worth the money.

  3. S_War
    S_War says:

    I’m sweating watching you wear that jacket and hat…I took the garbage out in biker shorts and a t-shirt in -7 a couple days ago and said it was nice out(Alaska) hahaha I couldn’t imagine finding 60 cool enough to wear a jacket 😅

    Also, good to know laser really works, I’ve considered trying it for so long!

  4. Mario and Brittney
    Mario and Brittney says:

    Waxing them underarms be burning! And my inner thighs is oooooooweeeee! Idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ I did laser and it hurt after I kept coming back. I don’t wax my whole body but I would like to. I’m hairy too and just scared.

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