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34 replies
  1. Norma Navas
    Norma Navas says:

    O waooo como dice el dicho no hay mujer fea si no mal.areglada jjj pero la verdad es que el maquillaje nos cambia a las mujeres y nos hace ver más bellas jj gracias por los tips muy buenos 👍 💕

  2. Gilles Galoustian
    Gilles Galoustian says:

    Watched a few of your videos now and am completely mesmerized by your talents and ability to use your face as your canvas! Do you have fine arts training or just a complete genius in color, highlights and shading and color manipulation?! WOW… all I can say… WOW…..🤩

  3. Oshie Leslie
    Oshie Leslie says:

    Hahahaha! I love your sense of joke! And your are already pretty without those make up!
    Anyway, it is interesting that in any tribe, any culture, all the time, society likes torturing their women in any form and any level by the name of BEAUTY!

  4. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    I like how you made the complexion of your make up. It's great! A man that looks this goddess and obusvly he litterrally dreams about "something" With this beautiful woman. You appear supernatural. You got it, you really do, but my opinion on make up is how it can shine you and exalt what are your natural beauty. This is something over make up. What is if you know someone who look at you and think he won the golden ticket when all make up and wig are done. This is not you, is another woman. I don't talk about beauty or not but he can't reconized you the next day. I'd like see on you a make up that help your beauty shine and not change completly your face. You Knows for sure how it works so I appreated these make up, in every video but really aren't you this is transformation nothing else.

  5. Mira
    Mira says:

    It's not a hate comment, you are beautiful and talented woman.
    I'm just shocked that woman even can fake their hair I mean it's amazing thing in artistic and visual way but I kinda find it wrong in moral way. As we all know appearance is important for someone who's attracted to you. Imagine their perspective, the person you know is all fake.
    Of course maybe you just doing it for show but there are real women who's doint that.
    Women it's okay to put makeup for lil confidence but confidence and faking something are two different things

  6. Halo Kent
    Halo Kent says:

    She is not that bad looking she just tried to make herself ugly as part of the gimmick or trick then she put a dark line around her nose beforeake up

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