How To Sculpt A Square Acrylic Nail | Back to Basics Nail Tutorial

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Jay took the time to join me on my Stoke-On-Trent Back to Basics course in April and today we’ve got a video showing you in depth how to sculpt a Square Nail.

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I’m going to start with my form and I’m using my forms which have foil in the centre to hold the shape. I’m going to remove the length from my forms and pop the tab just below the opening to add strength to the form. I’m then going to roll the form into shape. When applying, I’m going to open the tabs at the back and I’m going to remove the peaks a little so it fit the finger better. I’ll open the form about half the width of the nail in back and close the tabs, they have to line up otherwise the form will be wonky. I would normally prime the nail but this one’s going to be removed at the end of the day so I’m not priming this one.

I’m then going to pick up quite a large acrylic bead and place it at the contact area between the form and the natural nail and then tease my product down the nail from till I reach the length I want. I’ll keep titivating till I’m happy and I’ll add in any extra product I might need with small beads. I’m then add a medium sized bead to build my apex and side walls. I’ll finally take a small bead to go round the cuticle area, don’t touch the cuticle with the product.

I’ll test pinch the nail with my finger and once it’s firm but a bit bouncy I’ll test with my pinching tool and once I’m happy I’ll apply the tool.

Once the nail is set, I’m going to file my side walls, then the cuticle area and free edge. I’ll them file flat up the sides and check the barrel of the nail for the thickness of the nail. I’ll then marry the top together to have a continuous thickness. I’ll then adjust my apex and buff over the entire nail. I’ll finish the nail with top coat.

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  1. Susan Hoch
    Susan Hoch says:

    When you said ‘aluminum’ I immediately thought of an episode back in the day you did with Faye about saying the word aluminum and having a good laugh with Adam because you all weren’t sure how to pronounce it. I have been watching you that long and I love the tutorials. Your episodes are so much more than just nails. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I love learning how you think through the technical aspect of nails. I never knew forms had aluminum. Thank you for sharing the info about the aspects of Instagram nails and how sometimes it is deceiving on how they photograph the nail.

  2. QuirkyViper
    QuirkyViper says:

    Oh my goshhh! That note about making the form no wider than the nail bed is gonna be a game changer for me! It's one of those things that leaves you like "duh! Why didn't I think of that?". I have very slender fingers and have learned how to get a bomb c-curve but always wondered why my sets look too wide for my hands. Not too wide in general but not slim enough to be actually flattering for me. Now I'm staring at this hard gel set like hmmmm, how bad do I really want to try this technique? Lol

  3. celeste brock
    celeste brock says:

    Thank you kirsty, i finally developed a correct structure and did NOT OVER PINCH MY NAIL because of you. I can't thank you enough, I'm a new nail baby boomer and This helped me to really stop and look at what I'm doing, i haven't used Acrylic yet but with this.. i have the courage to do it. Thanks kirsty 🥰

  4. Dawn Erazo
    Dawn Erazo says:

    Thanks to you. KM! I do my own nails. I've been watching you for 8 almost 9 years. For 4 years I have been practicing and searching for the right medium that best suits me. Today I finally did my nails the right way. Huzzah! My eternal thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.

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