doing my skincare routine while i overshare about my life as if were on facetime

POV: were doing our monthly FaceTime to catch up while I tell you about who’s been in my dms, what I be crying about, new skincare products, breath work class, and just life
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Spectralite Faceware Pro:
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Axis-y Spot treatment:
Zitsticka microdart dark spot patch:
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⇢ Q: what is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese

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  1. Georgia Hopwood
    Georgia Hopwood says:

    I been feeling so awful lately because of a really difficult situation I’m in, but I woke up this morning so distraught and decided to watch Mai, I feel so much better now
    Love you mai

  2. Brielle Renae
    Brielle Renae says:

    Her inspirational talk is so meaningful! She is helping me survive rn and just in general! I always watch her videos for inspirational things to help me move on! Mai you are amazing!

  3. isselbxng
    isselbxng says:

    i luv u so much mai, i’m so glad i found your channel because honestly having someone to relate to and be like an older sister is so comforting <3 have such a fucking blessed day girl

  4. thank you
    thank you says:

    Issue on aka main one my 74 yr old grandpa has lung cancer and is in so much pain and is dying and I'm what my grandma is going to do when he passes😪😭😭:-(

  5. Amina Gubchak
    Amina Gubchak says:

    I’ve been going through so much shit lately , like me ex and then my fake ass friends keep using me as a second option and they say all this crap to me but I honestly could care less, just wish I don’t get hated on especially in school cause it’s fucking school and no one wants to experience high school in a fucked up way and watching your videos almost everyday makes me so relaxed knowing I can at least feel in some type of way that I have someone that’s going through the same crap that I am. Keep making videos no one gives a fuck about them haters, love your vibe.

  6. {Iced_Coffeee}
    {Iced_Coffeee} says:

    Tw) I’m in year 6 everything is going down hill and I found out my crush lost feelings even tho we weren’t together, I just want to let go and be free but i promised my friends ( that are my everything) that I wouldn’t)t leave them so I’m trying not to and I’ve been clean for so long for I’m trying not to start with Sh, I need someone to just be there for me 🙁

  7. ace
    ace says:

    I have a problem of liking boys that are nice to me and doing the bare minimum. Like 🧍 boy. Come on. (There’s so much more but I don’t wanna say it all right now bc I’ve said it too much already)

  8. antulipe
    antulipe says:

    hello mai and the gc!! i have been in a really bad place lately (almost sh myself) cause my classmates are making fun of me + school has been soooo hard recently :(. any studying advice??? also im moving into a new apartment w my mom! so im happy about that cause we get to decorate the place lolol. ill probably write some more comments later cause this is so fun, luv ya all 💗

  9. Erika Perez
    Erika Perez says:

    I brokw up with my 2 years healthy fucking relationship because theres so much going on. He is really a good man, but i need to grow on my own u know. And then everytime i talk to boys and then whenever we stop talking im asking myself if am i not that good like idk. I feel like im always asking myself if im good for them. And it sucks cuz ive been here im uk for 2 years na di domt have any friends at all. I feel so lonely and empty

  10. SoVeryDizzy
    SoVeryDizzy says:

    there's no such thing as oversharing to us Mai 😤 I want to overshare but I am overthinking too much for that lmao- thank you especially for the sweet message at the end, it really made me smile💜 you are loved aswell don't forget it

  11. • mxshulx •
    • mxshulx • says:

    Mai about the comments section being a group chat an idea would be to create a discord server purely for venting and hyping bitches up. that way if someone was looking for advice on a certain thing, they wouldn't have to scroll through thousands of comments on your videos, they would just look in specific text channels, and if someone wanted to vent over a call, they could.

    you don't have to, just a suggestion!

    also thank you for everything you do, I love watching your videos and they make me feel like I'm on facetime to my bff :)))

  12. Bella James
    Bella James says:

    My biggest problem in life right now
    is depression. My depression causes suicidal thoughts, self harm, eating disorders, anxiety, and emotional numbness. Even watching sad movies, shows, or thinking about death; nothing seems to effect me. I listen to sad songs to try and get a reaction, but I don’t feel anything other than being able to relate.

  13. Fond Toaster
    Fond Toaster says:

    I’m having big trouble. Literally I asked the boy I like to hoco, he said yes, we went, and immediately after he ghosted me for no reason. And the boy that does like me has,,, not figured out what being mature is. Or washing his hair often enough so it’s not greasy and doesn’t stink. I’m not being mean I know it sounds so mean but also he tries to do this insult humor thing, but it comes out just as insults, like the time he randomly walked up to me, told me my hair sucked, and walked away the day after I told him that no, I would NOT give him my # so he could “tell me something”. He’s also 2 years younger than me and super immature and awkward and very not ready for a relationship. So how’s y’all’s lives going.

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