Starbucks Nails! Blue & Purple DUO Chrome Nail Tutorial!


Products Used:

Elite 99 NO Wipe Top Coat:

Sally Hansen InstaDri Night Flight:

Chameleon Mirror Nail Powder #587:

Sensationail LED Lamp version 2:

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38 replies
  1. Nevanthi Jones
    Nevanthi Jones says:

    Hi Ivy! You've inspired me, girl. 🙂 Went out and bought a bunch of nail stuff and even managed to recreate this look so thanks so much for the instructions. I just want to know, I tried out a couple of no wipe top coats (not the Elite99 one, though) and finally settled on the Born Pretty no wipe top coat. I'm absolutely in love with it and not willing to try any other. Can you please tell me if you've tried Born Pretty no wipe top coat also, and if Elite99 no wipe top coat is better? Thanks again so much, girlie!

  2. Tarah Ridge
    Tarah Ridge says:

    Addicted to the chrome powders…its made me literally fall back in love with nail design again…started a Sensational gel collection up. Love it 💕💕💅🏽

  3. Claudia Trejo
    Claudia Trejo says:

    I did it on my nails and i fell in love !!! 😍😍, i have the same powder of Born pretty and it looks beautiful !! .. also you have a new subscriber !! xoxo 😘😘

  4. Rowanb93
    Rowanb93 says:

    A lot of other nail artists suggest to use a silicone wedge tool to buff or "burnish" the chrome powder into the nail after first applying it like you do to help with the grainy-ness. It helps to lay in the little bits of the powder into the spaces that it is missing that are causing it to look grainy. I have not tried this myself, but all of the videos that I have seen someone using that trick, it looks like it works well.

  5. Alex Brownlee
    Alex Brownlee says:

    Hey! Wonderful video 🙂 I was excited to hear that you could use regular nail polish with a gel top coat! Does this last just as long as using all gel polish (about 2 weeks with minimal chipping)? Also, I have used the holographic powder and I have found it will chip away before the gel, so the gel colour underneath shows! 🙁 BTW I have heard spraying your wet nails with nonstick cooking spray will instantly dry them! Hahaa I haven't tried it, but maybe its something to check out if you're adventurous! 😉 Have a lovely day!!

  6. No One
    No One says:

    Ivy I have a question, I have the Elite99 no wipe topcoat but for some reason it always ruins the finish and leaves it super grainy and sparkly. I make sure that everything around the nail is totally clean and that there isn't any excess powder before applying topcoat. Is there anything else that I should do?

  7. GirlRatesWorld
    GirlRatesWorld says:

    This is sooooooooo gorgeous (: I wish I could do my own nails like this. But with your tutorials, I think I will give it a try for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!!! Awesome tutorial!!!

  8. Stiiggy
    Stiiggy says:

    This may sound random but I am completely in love with the ring on your right middle finger and right ring finger above the second knuckle. Where did you get them??

  9. God’s Child
    God’s Child says:

    OMG!! Moriiiii😱Blue is my favorite color and this you created is pure perfection 😍😍I wish you could make my nails look that amazing. You are so talented in all you do❤️

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