After a while I am back with another skincare video and this time I am taking skincare for men to a different level altogether.
Using these methods your skin is sure to feel better , get glowing and reduces problems like dark spots , hyperpigmentation etc. Skin care takes a lot consistency but if done right it can have some amazing long term benefits.

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In this video I have covered the following –

1. How to take your basic CTM routine to another level by adding Vitamin C Serum
2. How to deeply cleanse your skin using various face masks and different procedures of deep cleansing with correct application
3. The role of stress in harming your skin and how to tackle it
Other products used
Cleanser –
Toner –
Vitamin C Serum –
Moisturiser –

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  1. Råj Æman
    Råj Æman says:

    I want to know,
    1. Face wash ke kitne der baad toner use karna h
    2.Kya toner ko wash karne ke baad moisturizer use karni h
    3.agar nahi toh toner ke apply ke kitne der baad moisturizer use karna h
    4. And serum kab use karna h, just moisturizer ke baar

  2. Kshitiz Gupta
    Kshitiz Gupta says:

    you are promoting a brand that does not list their complete ingredients on their website, which shows how fishy they are…you are playing with the trust of your subscribers.

  3. Kshitiz Gupta
    Kshitiz Gupta says:

    the concept of a product for hair, face, and body is pathetic. How can ingredients that work for hair work for the face? Most of such products are highly comedogenic and clogging.

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