Self Tanning Tips For Mature Skin~ New Tote & My OOTD

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Tan Luxe Hydra Mousse Med/Dark~
💋 St Moriz Velvet Mitt~
Body Drench Medium~
✨This one is inexpensive, not streaky and has pretty tone
🌸 Pink Stool~
Space Heater~

Simple bralette in dark color~
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Hempz Lotion I use~
Bay Harbor Beauty Lotion~ “LisaLisa10” for discount
Charlotte Tilbury Face & Body Highlight~
Laura Mercier Brush~

My Nails~

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Sculpting Cream Face~
Estee Lauder Ivory Beige & Tawny mixed~
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder Original~
YSL All Hours Powder B50~
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Deep~
Charlotte Tilbury Highlight NEW~
Tarte Blush Glisten~
Morphe Setting Spray~
Benefit Clear Brow Setter~
Laura Mercier Eye Basics Buff~
Red Aspen Eye Palette~
Benefit Roller Liner Brown and Black~
Charlotte Tilbury Mascara~
Kiss Jubilee Lashes~
Lancome Ideal Lip Liner~
Mac Creme De Nude~

🦁 DylanLex Ring~
Teeny Hoops~

Drybar Wand for hair~
Kerastase for hair~I use the shampoo, conditioner

AGolde Jeans 27~”Lisa15″ for 15% off and free US shipping over $100
Blazer Men 38~ another good one, womens
Bodysuit from Amazon M~
Vince Camuto Heels TTS~

🌺 Tote (LOVE)~
Fendi Tote Mentioned~

Havaianas~my faves are the SLIM style with no design, I don’t care for the “slick” feel of the bottom, I’m weird that way!
Rainbow Flip Flops~my fave style

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41 replies
  1. Vickie Rotell
    Vickie Rotell says:

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner, you looked beautiful. I've started my self tanning thanks for the products you use I'm going to try the one from Ulta. Love your videos. I'm so happy its warming up I'm farther north than you.

  2. Jaime Bellon
    Jaime Bellon says:

    Thanks for these tips – I don't like to tan my face or neck either. My neck doesn't pick up the tanner very well and I have neck wrinkles and no matter how hard I try to work it into them, it looks odd. I also feel like I have to do my chest twice to make it balanced with my arms.

  3. Mohegangirl Freeman
    Mohegangirl Freeman says:

    Great video. I have two tips that maybe just work for me. Number one, the day after if I see any dark areas, like age spots or streaks, i put a small amount of apple cider vinegar on a round pad. Tip number two, on the day of self tanning I do not wear skinny jeans that rub against my legs, i go for flowy dresses.

  4. Patty Parise
    Patty Parise says:

    Lisa, you always look so put together, and beautiful, thank you for the great tips, also loving your hair, so pretty, looking forward to spring🥰🌸🌼🌹😊

  5. Vanessa Nikki
    Vanessa Nikki says:

    i had to come on here to say your hair looks absolutely fabulous! Thank you for all of your quality and genuine content! I've been watching you for years and truly have enjoyed every video! Thank you!

  6. Eva Bothwell
    Eva Bothwell says:

    I just self tanned last night too!Waiting for spring ,love your tips the bronze really adds a nice touch I am going to do that more often! I was wondering if you know how to hide,or conceal spider veinsI have a few on ankles and upper thigh ? Thanks💙

  7. Michele Miller
    Michele Miller says:

    Looks like a NATURAL beach tan! Gorgeous. I would never have known. I've tried many tanners, but my favorite is the St. Tropez self-tan Express bronzing mousse. Lydia Elise Millen's favorite tan as well. (British YouTuber). You should try it. Also, her tanning routine is quick and simple. She never waits for all her tan to wear off. She just exfoliates every time she showers and reapplies 2-3 times per week. She always looks amazing. You do too!

  8. Dani Anderson
    Dani Anderson says:

    You look so svelte and gorgeous in all black. ♥️ I agree on not tanning the face and neck. I’ll be 49 in June and notice it makes my skin look more splotchy when I do.

  9. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    God if I was 50 tanning is the last crap I would care about, don’t you get bored of this dull useless life of yours? No actual job, no traveling with hubby and kids, living in a boring beach town dressed up like it was NYC

  10. Glammakeupbeauty
    Glammakeupbeauty says:

    Omg Lisa you will get SO much more tan if you do it the morning/a few hours after you scrub. The body needs time to recover after a scrub and ”interfers” with the tan ☀️

  11. Melody Champion
    Melody Champion says:

    I’m also looking forward to spring—and summer!! Daylight savings time is almost here: March 14th!! Spring forward, I’m okay with losing an hour so I can have more longer days~ I just love it when it stays light later. In a weird way, I feel like doing more, going out more! (I guess that was before…)

  12. Ida Borgelt
    Ida Borgelt says:

    Hi Lisa, thanx for the tips. Your hair is so pretty & in lovely condition.
    I was thinking of an idea for a video which is, cld you do a basic pieces for your everyday wardrobe. Just the must haves that can mix & match & last awhile bcos they're classic. Also be very classy, expensive pieces. I think u wld do it really well. Cheers ❤

  13. Diane Doskoch
    Diane Doskoch says:

    Lisa, I just have to tell you this! I just watched a video on looking younger that suggests not wearing a lighter color lip b/c it will wash you out! I so love wearing all your lip combos! I went lighter b/c of you and I love the new me!!!

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